Dog Rescued By A Shelter In Virginia Keeps Staring At The Wall Due To A Heartbreak

All shelter dogs wish to find their humans who will love them immensely. It’s their greatest dream. 

As much as they appreciate the love and care they receive at a shelter, they are aware that it’s not their home. 

Every time visitors come to their shelter, the eyes of the shelter pups light up. They hope that one of those humans will notice them, pick them out of the crowd, and take them home.

Sadly, some shelter pups get adopted and end up being returned to the shelter.

Lucky, an adorable shelter dog, went through such a heartbreak. But, just when he thought about giving up all hope, life surprised him with a new beginning. 

The Biggest Disappointment Of Lucky’s Life

beautiful dog in the shelter
Source: The Greene County Animal Shelter of Virginia

Lucky was around 6 to 7 weeks old when he arrived at The Greene County Animal Shelter of Virginia, in Ruckersville. As soon as he arrived, he won the hearts of all the staff members and volunteers. He was an adorable puppy and a real sweetheart.

Lucky was grateful for being given a roof over his head, and he quickly made many shelter friends. Although they loved him and took care of him, Lucky longed to meet his forever parents and move to a loving home. 

The day when Lucky learned that he was adopted was the happiest day of his life. He truly believed that he had finally found his humans who would love him like he always dreamed of being loved.

Lucky was thrilled to leave his shelter kennel and move to his home. Unfortunately, his happiness was short-lived, and it turned out to be the biggest disappointment of his life.

His family adopted him as a Beagle-mix puppy in March 2021, and the shelter staff believed that Lucky would be a medium-sized dog.

As time passed, it became clear that Lucky was a Hound mix. He grew up much bigger than his family had thought he would be, and that was the reason why they returned him to the shelter in September 2022. 

At The Shelter Again

sad dog in the shelter
Source: The Greene County Animal Shelter of Virginia

The shelter staff were heartbroken when they saw the sweet dog enter the shelter door again. 

It was hard for Lucky to accept that he was back at the shelter. After getting a glimpse of a loving home, he was deprived of it all of a sudden. He couldn’t understand why his family had rejected him.

He became sad, and he kept sitting in the corner of his kennel, staring at the shelter wall. His shelter friends knew that they had to help Lucky, and they decided to post his story on the shelter’s Facebook page.

a dog with big eyes behind the bars looks at the camera
Source: The Greene County Animal Shelter of Virginia

“Our heart hurts so much for Lucky as he is struggling to be a shelter dog once again. Over a month back at our shelter and not one single interest in you can be rough,” they wrote in a post.

They asked people to share Lucky’s story, hoping that somebody would fall in love with the charming pooch and take him to his forever home.

“Lucky is truly struggling as he was loved by his family. [He] is needing each of you to share him with your friends and family in hopes he finds a family who can handle his size. Lucky is truly a big sweetheart and thinks he is a lap dog,” the post continued.

Lucky was the ideal pooch. He loved kids, and he got along with both cats and dogs.

Lucky Finds His Forever Family

a smiling woman on a park bench holds her dog next to her on a leash
Source: The Greene County Animal Shelter of Virginia

The shelter’s Facebook post went viral, and Lucky soon received the attention he deserved. After a couple of days, a wonderful family came to the shelter in Ruckersville, Virginia, to take Lucky home. The moment they saw him, they fell head-over-heels in love with him.

Lucky couldn’t believe his luck when he left the shelter. His family hugged him and promised that they would never give him up. They will always love him for who he is.

I’m over the moon because Lucky finally found the happiness he craved for all his life. His dream of having a loving family came true.

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