Dog Staring Into The Distance Is Saved By An Amazing Rescuer

It’s impossible to understand dog owners who are capable of abandoning their four-legged companions like they were never part of their lives.

Dogs who once had a home and owners whom they trusted suddenly find themselves on the streets without food or shelter. Being so loyal, they don’t understand that they have been betrayed in the cruelest manner.

These pooches spend their days hoping that they were left on the streets for a short time and that their owners will come back for them.

Melo, the hero of our next story, was hoping for the same thing as he was sitting on the side of the road anticipating to catch a glimpse of his owners returning to pick him up after they had abandoned him.

Although this never happened, something so much better was about to happen to him.

Holding Out Hope

an abandoned puppy sits on the grass and looks into the distance
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In 2022, as Figueroa was driving along the road in Miami, she noticed a cute pup looking pensively into the distance. Her heart broke when she saw him all alone, closely observing the cars as they passed on the road, hoping that one of those cars would be his owners’ car.

The loyal pooch would have forgiven them for dumping him had they returned for him. But, they didn’t.

Figueroa instantly parked her car and tried to approach the pooch. He was so frightened that he didn’t let her come near him.

She often sees many dogs who are abandoned in this area. Feeling great compassion toward the innocent animals in need, Figueroa started rescuing them and finding them a home.

“I always find dumped dogs. I always have dog food in my car, and recently I put a medium crate.“

Figueroa offered some food to the scared pup, but he refused to eat it. He was distrustful of her.

She didn’t give up, and she persisted… trying to win him over. She was determined to save him.

After an hour, she managed to gain a bit of his trust. She petted him and he gave in. For the betrayed pup, it was comforting to feel the loving touch of a human hand again.

Although he still couldn’t relax completely, he let his rescuer take him to the car.

Once he was at Figueroa’s home, the pup was trembling. Everything was new to him. He missed his owners and the familiarity of his previous home.

Melo Will Never Be Abandoned Again

puppy on a leash in the car
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Figeroa did everything to make him feel welcome and comfortable in her home in southern Miami. She fed him, gave him water, and most importantly, she showered him with love. The sweet pup enjoyed the belly rubs, and gradually, his fears dissipated after receiving so much love.

She named him Melo… short for Caramelo, because he was as cute as caramel.

Figueroa began looking for a rescue that could take sweet Melo in. Nobody could resist adorable Melo, and he found a home very soon.

Although Figueroa got used to saying goodbye to all the dogs she has rescued after they found a loving home, parting with Melo was extremely difficult for her. She couldn’t help crying, but she was very happy for him.

Now, Melo finally has a loving family who loves him unconditionally. They consider him a family member and they would never abandon him. Melo got his happy ending and he couldn’t be happier. 

the puppy is lying on his pillow with toys
Source: @dapinkmist

Unfortunately, cruel owners often abandon their dogs and leave them without food and shelter. In order to save these dogs, the whole community needs to help. Whenever you see an abandoned pet, lend them a helping hand and take them to a shelter.

That’s the least we can do for these animals that depend on us.

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