Dog Who Spent Half Of His Life In Shelter Is Constantly Being Returned To It

Animal shelters are places that are created to take in animals in need and provide them with care, food, and shelter until they are able to find them a place of their own.

Even though many shelters are incredible spaces full of love, their capacities tend to be full, resulting in some animals being sad as the staff isn’t available to provide them with the attention they really need.

This is why it is important to provide the animals with a foster or a forever home as soon as possible, putting them in an environment that reminds them that they are worthy of love.

Unfortunately, some animals tend to stay in the shelter longer than they intended to, leaving them quite heartbroken and depressed.

Kubo The Pup

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As a pup named Kubo and his four siblings were rescued and brought to the Franklin County Humane Society Planned Pethood & Adoption Center (FCHSPPAC), Rocky Mount, Virginia, in March 2018, they were the happiest little bunch who was more than ready for a new life.

After spending only two weeks at the shelter, and being only seven weeks old, the adorable siblings managed to find a forever home.  

However, after 376 days, a familiar face was going to walk through the shelter door again. Kubo was sadly returned.

“The first adopter took him as a puppy but provided no guidance or stability. He came back as an adult with no training,” Anita, director of FCHSPPAC, told Newsweek.

Second Shot

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He stayed at the shelter for the next 76 days after being adopted yet again in May 2021.

After some time in his new home, Kubo’s new owner ran into some complications regarding his job and housing, forcing him to surrender Kubo yet again.

Unfortunately, to this day, Kubo hasn’t been able to find a new home, spending over 900 days at the Virginia-based shelter.

“Out of his 2,105 days alive he has been in a home for 1,088 days and in a shelter for 902. In 65 days he will be in a shelter for half of his life,” she stated.

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Anita and the shelter team are trying their very best to find this adorable five-year-old Whippet-mix dog the loving home he truly deserves.

“Kubo is in search of a person that can keep him safe while he learns to be in the outside world. Someone who is willing to let him decompress and learn things he has never been exposed to,” she added.

Third Time’s The Charm

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The ideal home for this adorable pup would consist of owners who love spending time outside and devoting all of their attention to him.  

“As you imagine by his shelter stay length, he has been homeless for a long time all throughout his life; as a result, Kubo tends to be weary of strangers. When walking with people he is familiar with, Kubo will walk right on by a stranger without any reaction. He just likes to be introduced to new people without the new person touching him immediately though he adjusts quickly,” Anita instructed.

Kubo loves hanging out with kids, as he had spent a lot of time with them during one of his adoptions.

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He is also a very healthy pup, with no medical issues, ready to become a part of a family with whom he will spend his days filled with love, joy, and laughter.

If you or somebody you know is interested in an amazing, adorable, and lovable pup, please contact the Franklin County Humane Society Planned Pethood & Adoption Center for more information.

Love is a four-legged word: Adopt today!

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