Dog Who Was Cruelly Dumped By Owner Finally Finds A Family That Loves Him Unconditionally

We love our pups with our whole heart and we can’t imagine our life without them. 

One of our greatest fears is having our four-legged best friend missing. Dog owners who go through that nightmare relentlessly search for their pups and dream of being reunited with them.

Once they find their lovely furry companions, they feel relieved and immensely happy. 

Sadly, not all dog owners feel that way about their dogs, and some of them don’t even look for their canines if they get lost.

Today’s story is about Pirate; a lost pooch who knows how it feels to be rejected by his family. Pirate’s owner didn’t search for him, and the frightened canine spent months roaming the streets in California and fighting to survive.

Rescuing Pirate

dog and owner petting it
Source: Hope For Paws

When Hope For Paws, an animal rescue located in Los Angeles, received a call about a stray dog living on the streets, the rescuers, Eldad and Loreta, went to pick him up and bring him to safety. 

The family who called them said that the stray pup often came to their yard because he was interested in Blue, their female Pit Bull. She caught the dog’s attention and the two canines started spending a lot of time together.

Once Eldad and Loreta arrived at the family’s address, they saw the cute, stray pooch in the yard. His eye was injured and it was clear that he needed medical care. 

In order to catch him, Loreta invited Blue to help in the pup’s rescue. As soon as gorgeous Blue appeared in the yard, the stray, later named Pirate, followed her. 

Eldad enclosed the area. The pooch was frightened and he tried to avoid being caught, but Loreta succeeded in securing him with a leash.

dog with eye problem
Source: Loreta Frankonytė

She gently stroked his head and Pirate realized that these humans were his friends. He felt safe.

Eldad and Loreta carried him to the car and rushed him to the hospital.

The vet scanned the pup, and they found a microchip. The rescuers called the owner, thinking that he would be happy to reunite with his lost dog.

They were left surprised when the owner said he didn’t want Pirate back because he already got another pup.

A True Fighter

dog in a dog cage
Source: Hope For Paws

Eldad and Loreta promised to find Pirate a great home that he deserved. They cuddled him and comforted him.

The vet gave Pirate a medical checkup. Unfortunately, his injured eye couldn’t be saved and the vet had no other choice but to remove it.

Pirate didn’t let that discourage him in the slightest. He was a true fighter. After the surgery, his rescuers snuggled with him, and the gentle pooch wagged his tail and made sure they knew he was doing great.

He was hopeful that his life would soon change for the better.

Pirate Lives His Best Life

girl holding a dog
Source: Hope For Paws

Pal Rescue offered to take Pirate under their care, and the pup went to a loving foster home and continued recovering.

Shortly afterward, a wonderful young couple, Morgan and Gideon, fell head-over-heels in love with the irresistible doggo. They gave him an amazing forever home.

Pirate was overjoyed to move in with his family, and he found a new girlfriend. His family’s dog stole his heart, and the two canines enjoyed hanging out together and playing fetch in their yard.

Pirate’s face radiated with happiness, and he couldn’t stop smiling. He felt immensely loved and cared for. He had everything he dreamed of.

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