Dog Who Was Terrified Of Everything In The House Managed Found Her Safe Haven

To some people, losing their dog, their best friend, means that their entire life changes. That is why when Kayleigh and her partner lost their Greyhound, Murphy, the home, along with their hearts, was empty.

In order to bring back the joy that occupied their house once, as well as honor Murphy, the couple decided to foster another Greyhound.

Contacting their local rescue, the couple asked if they had any Greyhounds looking for a temporary home, and that is where they met Lulu.   

New Friend

dog lying on bed
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Lulu was a retired racing dog who participated in 200 races during her career. Because of this, she never experienced a quiet life in a home. So, when she arrived at her fosters, she didn’t really know how to act.

There were many new things Lulu was introduced to that she didn’t really like; however, one of the things she completely hated was the TV.

“The TV was really quite a trigger for her. Every time the TV was on, she would be quite freaked out by it. She took herself straight upstairs, got stuck on the way down the stairs and husband had to carry her down. Just the normal everyday things we take for granted were so different for her,” Kayleigh told GeoBeats.

However, Lulu was able to find the thing she absolutely adored – the couch.

dog lying on the couch
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As soon as she enters the house after spending some time in the big outside, she runs and jumps on the couch as if it were her safe haven.

Adjustment Time

Another thing that Lulu was quite frightened of was men. When she came to her fosters, she took to Kayleigh straight away, but kept a distance from her husband.

It took her a few weeks to finally understand that he meant no harm to her, and just wanted to love and adore her just like Kayleigh did.

And, as soon as she did, she couldn’t get enough of him.

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“My dad, he is a long-time dog lover, Lulu is terrified of him and we are still working on it now. We had a little breakthrough, one day she took threats off him. She also got up on the sofa next to him. She gave him a little kiss,” she added.

Unfortunately, the next time her dad came around again, Lulu had forgotten all about him, and treated him as if he were a stranger.

This reminded the couple that Lulu still had a long way ahead of her in order to completely trust the people around her.

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That is why whenever Lulu approaches one of the members of the family and starts cuddling them, they take this as a great honor, and do not leave their position until she thinks that she has had enough and leaves.

„It melts my heart to see her so happy. She thinks she has won the lottery. She is just so thankful,“ she said.

Another thing that Lulu still hasn’t adjusted to completely is being outside.

Even though she gets excited to leave the house, as soon as her paws touch the soft grass, her personality completely changes. She gets completely shy and withdrawn, not knowing what to do.

dog walking through grass
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New Home

It was clear from the start that as soon as Lulu entered the house, she was going to stay there forever.

„It was something about the way that she looked at me. She just had this look of love that you could literally feel the love radiating off her, she just looked right into your soul,” said Kayleigh.

close-up photo of dog lying on bed
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It really warms my heart knowing that Lulu managed to bring joy and happiness back into the house that once felt empty.

I am sure that Murphy looks down on her and feels immense pride, knowing that her parents are in the best paws ever.

“It is really hard to describe, I said to her ‘You remind me of Murphy’, and she just laid her head on my chest for a cuddle and I just burst into tears,” she concluded.  

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