Dog With A Rare Health Problem Has A Very Unique Way Of Walking And It Is Just Adorable

Fenix is the kind of dog that inspires you to do better, like, instantly!

This California boi’s life purpose is to show people how to love themselves, even when they’re at their lowest point in life. 

He tackles various life challenges on a daily basis! Despite his unusual condition, Fenix goes out and meets new people and dogs, and he does it with such style! 

But, most of all – he has the cutest, most amazing way of walking that makes you want to prance with him all the time!

Fenix Beats All The Odds

a dog walks along the street by the river
Source: Dr Zoë Lumiere

Before he got the chance to display his wonderful, bouncy way of walking to the world, Fenix had a rough start in life. Together with his sister, Nube, he was set to be euthanized due to cerebellar hypoplasia.

Due to this condition, both Fenix and Nube had inborn coordination and balance problems, and they couldn’t even stand or walk properly.

They were saved at the last minute by I Stand With My Pack, from Culver City, California, who helped them get back on their paws and start a beautiful journey in separate families.

a man and a woman take a picture with a white dog
Source: Dr Zoë Lumiere

Now, Fenix lives in an amazing hooman pack, together with his mom, Zoe, and his dad, Eric! But, that’s not all! Not only can he walk, he’s now known as the bounciest doggo ever!

That’s right. Due to his condition, Fenix doesn’t walk like other dogs – he prances like a pony! He practically dances through life and makes everyone he meets fall in love with him right off the bat.

“He couldn’t run without falling down and he couldn’t even walk in a straight line. Now he can do all of that. As he’s gotten older, he’s been able to be more coordinated and walk more effectively,” says Zoe.

And, the most amazing thing is – his walk totally matches his cheerful personality!

“He seems to have this personality of joy and freedom and ridiculousness,” says Eric.

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He’s The Kindest Doggo Ever

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Source: Dr Zoë Lumiere

Fenix’s mom and dad are both life coaches and emotional healing experts. Their mission was to encourage Fenix to overcome his challenges and accept his differences as his strengths.

And, boi, did they succeed!

Fenix doesn’t only live a pawesome doggo life, but he sees every day as a brand-new adventure! He walks five times a day (as he’s not able to walk as long as other dogs) and does all kinds of stuff.

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He still occasionally hangs out with his sister, and he goes to the beach, explores the city, travels with his pawrents, and at the end of the day, enjoys the sweetest cuddle time with his mom and dad.

His mom is just infatuated with him, as he’s just the kindest dog. He gets along with everyone he meets, and it seems that other dogs almost exclusively fall for Fenix as soon as they meet him.

“It’s been such an opportunity to learn how to love him in his own special ways. He’s changed my life in the most beautiful ways,” says Zoe.

The good news is that Fenix’s condition doesn’t affect his life expectancy, and we’re absolutely pawsitive that he’s gonna have many beautiful years to live in his loving home.
You can follow him on his official Instagram and keep up with his daily activities.

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