Dog With ‘Severe Aggression’ Was Supposed To Be Euthanized But Ended Up Being Saved In The Last Second

It is dogs like Mulan that make us wonder – how many of these four-legged animals end their journey without having a chance to reveal their true selves?

This sweet girl had no other choice in life but to be way too protective, and so far, that only caused her trouble. Due to her traumatic past experience, Mulan was facing euthanization.

She was classified as a “severely reactive” dog that no one wanted. She barked at everybody and didn’t let anyone near her kennel, so the shelter staff decided to put her to eternal sleep.

But, then, at the very last minute, a giant-hearted dog lover stepped in and changed Mulan’s life for the better!

The Unexpected Breakthrough

dog on his bed
Source: Marcie Moore

Mulan’s owners surrendered her to a shelter, as their landlord required they get rid of the dog. When she entered the shelter, she was quite terrified. 

She had never been socialized with other people and other dogs, so she felt the need to be overprotective all the time. She didn’t let anybody touch her or even get near her in the kennel, so she ended up on the euthanasia list. 

Then, the long-awaited miracle happened!

One of the volunteers who worked at the shelter contacted Martha Moore, the vice president of Friends of Guilford County Animal Shelter, from North Carolina, to see if she could help the dog out.

Martha was more than happy to do it, especially after hearing that the dog hadn’t left the kennel for 13 days straight.

“She was so emotionally shut down and not letting anyone near her kennel. She had, by the end of the day, to leave the shelter or she would be put down,” her foster mom told The Dodo.

Martha, a giant-hearted volunteer, spent two hours getting to know Mulan in the shelter. The dog was very anxious and scared, but eventually, she let Martha put a leash on her and take her home.

For the first couple of days, Mulan was cautious, trying to adapt to her new foster home, but she was still way too destructive. One day, Mulan had completely destroyed the room, and she looked very terrified.

dog with cutted paper
Source: @grammamartha

Instead of scolding her, Martha just sat down on the floor, completely ignored all the mess, and gave this poor girl a treat. That very moment was a breakthrough for the two! 

For the first time ever, Mulan approached Martha and started giving her the sweetest kisses, as if she was trying to say: “Thank you for not punishing me!”

Transformation Of A Lifetime

cute dog on the porch standing
Source: Marcie Moore

Since that day, Mulan’s behavior has improved significantly. She completely opened her heart to her foster family and her new North Carolina home.

It took this cutie pie only two weeks to transform into a brand-new dog. Even though she was still cautious around other people for the first few minutes, she socialized with others so much easier than she used to.

“Mulan is a sensitive girl and needs about 15 minutes to warm up to new people. Once you give her time to get comfortable, you’ll have a friend for life,” says Martha.

She even let her foster momma give her belly rubs and hug her, like she does with her other dogs. 

“Mulan loves playing with other dogs, shares her toys and food/water bowls nicely, and even gets along with cats! The perfect package,” Martha wrote on her Facebook.

two dogs outdoors
Source: Marcie Moore

After two months of love, cuddles, intensive work, and socialization, she was a completely new girl, ready to embrace a new life!

She found the pawfect family that was ready to give her what she had been looking for all this time – love, understanding, and a lot of patience! With all this at her new home, I’m absolutely pawsitive that she’s gonna make her new hoomans so happy!

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