Dog With The Saddest Face Ever Won Over A Man’s Heart As Soon As They Met

Sometimes, stories which seem like they will be disastrous at the beginning have the most beautiful endings.

This is often the case in the dog world as these timid little creatures can be so unpredictable at times.

However, if you accept them into your heart and offer them enough love and attention, no matter how difficult it may seem at the beginning, they will give you back a hundredfold.

He Couldn’t Just Leave Her Like That

scared and sad puppy
Source: The Penguin

One day, a man was driving his car when suddenly, a little puppy appeared in the middle of the street. There was almost an accident that would haunt this man for the rest of his life. Fortunately, fate still said “no” as this man managed to brake on time.

This man saw where the little dog ran and where she hid, so he immediately went to that place the next day. 

When he got there, the scene he saw completely broke his heart. A dog no older than 2 months was lying with her head bowed in a corner and didn’t have the courage to even come close to him.

close-up photo of scared puppy
Source: The Penguin

He immediately realized that she was a sad, abandoned puppy. Because of that, he didn’t have the heart to leave her there, so he gently picked her up and took her in his arms to take her home with him.

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Her new life is about to begin. 

The Road To Complete Healing

curled up puppy in a kennel
Source: The Penguin

Nothing happens overnight, including the recovery of a broken heart. That’s why, at first, this little puppy was still very fearful and was hiding from everyone in her cage. 

However, after three days in her new home, she got a bit of courage. She became very territorial in her cage, and barked a lot to any dogs and cats coming near her. 

It could be seen that she had not yet managed to restore the shaken trust, but this was also a big shift, considering the state she was in not so long ago.

Even that started to change after roughly 7 days. She finally started to take on the personality of a real, little dog. She gained some weight and her once-fragile bones began strengthening. Besides that, her shyness was slowly giving way to trust. 

man scratching the puppy
Source: The Penguin

After about two weeks of healthy meals and cozy night sleeps, everything started to pay off, and this little cute girl was very close to becoming a real loving and healthy dog which she was always meant to be. 

It was actually like heaven for this little puppy, who spent most of her life in nothing but suffering. 

Now, She Is In Paradise

two dogs playing
Source: The Penguin

After almost a month on the road to recovery, she was finally where she had long wanted to be. The healthy puppy that was full of playfulness brought so much joy to her new family that they began to bless the day she was found. 

But, what truly warmed their hearts was seeing her joyful interaction with her newfound doggy friends. They all enjoyed her company, and she finally had someone who could fully understand her. 

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Besides the umbrella of love in her new home, her new furry friends were a huge factor on the way to full recovery, both emotionally and physically, and ultimately, the most important staircase toward her new, happy life. 

puppy curled up sleeping next to man
Source: The Penguin

In the end, we have nothing else to say but that this little puppy is true proof that even the most broken of a heart can be put back together if you give it enough love and understanding.

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