Doug Inglis Obituary – Death: What happend to Doug Inglis?

Doug Inglis Obituary

In a somber turn of events, the serenity of Banff National Park was marred by an unfortunate incident. Doug Inglis, 62, alongside his longtime partner Jenny Gusse, 62, faced a tragic end due to a grizzly bear attack while they were on a backcountry camping expedition deep within the park. The duo’s faithful canine companion also met the same fate.

Doug Inglis Obituary - Death: What happend to Doug Inglis?
Doug Inglis Obituary – Death: What happend to Doug Inglis?

A family spokesperson, Colin Inglis, revealed the identities of the victims, sharing a poignant reflection of the bond Doug and Jenny shared. The two were passionate about the outdoors, treasuring each moment they spent in nature’s embrace. Colin, Doug’s nephew, mentioned how the couple kept him updated during their adventures. Using their Garmin in Reach GPS – a tool popular amongst backcountry enthusiasts – Doug and Jenny would relay daily updates, ensuring their loved ones were informed of their well-being. On the day of the ill-fated incident, Colin recalls receiving a message from the duo, mentioning they hadn’t reached their intended destination but were safely setting up camp.

The aftermath of the attack saw immediate action from Parks Canada. After a brief confrontation where the bear charged at the response team, it was subsequently shot and killed. DNA samples were collected from the bear to ascertain its involvement in the tragic event. A statement was released, sharing that any divergent findings from the ongoing investigation would be made public.

Such incidents in Banff National Park are notably rare. While bear attacks do occur, fatalities are even scarcer. Over the past decade, only three non-fatal encounters with grizzly bears have been documented in the park, usually resulting from surprise interactions. The passing of Doug and Jenny marks the first grizzly bear-induced fatality in Banff in several decades, a grim reminder of the unpredictable nature of the wild. Currently, no bear warnings or area closures were active. However, following the incident, the region has been closed to the public as a precaution.

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Parks Canada expressed their condolences, emphasizing the rarity of such tragic events, and reminded the public of the need for vigilance and respect for the wilderness and its inhabitants.

What happend to Doug Inglis?

Doug Inglis, along with his longtime partner Jenny Gusse, was tragically killed by a grizzly bear attack while backcountry camping in Banff National Park. The unfortunate incident also claimed the life of their dog.

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