Engineers do paradoxical things, adding wires for AirPods headphones

Having made the first iPhone with a USB-C port and selling it for $ 86,000, it has continued to surprise by adding a connection cord for headphones … wireless AirPods.
Engineer Ken Pillonel was the first to create an iPhone with a working USB-C port in 2021. He did the same for the AirPods and AirPods Pro charging cases. Now, Ken is back with “the most innovative project to date”, the AirPods with USB-C cord.

On the YouTube channel Exploring the Simulation, on April Fools’ Day, Ken presents a completely serious job. He documents the process of removing and repairing an AirPod bought in 2020, which is now broken, and improves by adding a USB-C cable.

Ken Pillonel emphasized that the first and second generation AirPods receive a 0/10 repair score from iFixit, meaning most people can’t fix them. However, he disassembled all the parts to figure out how to make them better, through a physical connection cable, with a high degree of stability.

In the video, Ken said that he bought AirPods in February 2020, currently the battery can only be used for 30 seconds. Instead of sending the headphones back to Apple and spending nearly $100 on a new pair of batteries, he turned them into a pair of wired headphones.

Also to “improve” the appearance of AirPods, Ken decided to create a USB-C wired headset with two striking black and white tones. No one would mistake them for the regular “boring” wireless AirPods.

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April Fools joke aside, Ken hopes the project will make people think twice before buying non-repairable products like AirPods or similar hard-to-replace wireless headphones.

Apple still sells EarPods with 3.5mm and Lightning plugs, in addition to plenty of wired options from other manufacturers. In addition, there are also 3rd parties looking to replace the battery for AirPods or open a program to exchange old products.

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