Exhausted Stray Dog Finds Safe Home On A Random Porch, Now He’s The Sweetest Boi

It’s not news that treatment of stray dogs throughout the world is less than ideal. Most people flat out just ignore them, but a handful will provide some food.

However, there is also a group that will gladly torture a helpless animal for no reason other than to relish in their pain. 

This is a prevalent issue that needs to be addressed, so we can do more to help the strays on this planet.

In this story, we will talk about a dog that was just beaten up by life and almost gave up before a new chance presented itself.

A Very Frail Stray Dog 

close-up photo of the sick stray dog
Source: The Dodo

When the animal rescuers, Lisa Chiarelli and Lisa Arturo, received a call about a stray dog in one of the neighborhoods, they felt bad for the poor animal and decided to help out.

They drove to the caller’s house in California and were hoping to catch the dog by waiting there for 20 to 30 minutes.

After he didn’t show up, they drove around and asked people for directions, or if anyone had seen the stray animal.

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Their search turned up no results, so they asked the woman who called them to put a blanket on her front porch to see if he would come.

dog on a leash in a parking lot
Source: The Dodo

The plan worked. They returned to the house where he was sleeping and prepared all the measures in case he was afraid of them.

Lisa Chiarelli told The Dodo: We, again, had this big plan. We’re gonna block him this way, we’re gonna use this type of fencing. And, it was heartbreaking.

To their surprise, the dog had just given up and allowed them to do whatever they wanted. 

A Beautiful Transformation

recovered stray dog close-up photo
Source: The Dodo

When they examined him, he had a lot of issues. During his time on the streets, people would throw rocks at him, and it was the cause for a few injuries. 

On top of that, he was full of scabs and wrinkles, which made his condition look even worse on the outside. They put a leash around him and lured the dog to the car by giving him food.

He happily obliged, and they placed him in the car and took him to a veterinarian clinic where he received medical help.

The vets told them that he had a lot of problems and would likely not have lasted much longer if they hadn’t rescued him.

dog lying in the grass
Source: The Dodo

They provided him with the treatment he needed and his condition began to improve drastically. Chiarelli said: He was grateful, and it’s just so cool watching the transformation and watching his hair grow in. 

After he recovered, a wonderful family from California stepped in and decided to adopt him. They were really happy to have him, as he got along well with everyone, including his new dog sibling.

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His attitude had changed completely – he was a lot happier now and just knew that this was his home.

His new mom, Mia, said: I think he’s gonna be one of those dogs that’s like a perpetual puppy. He’s just so lovable. We just got so lucky.

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