Family In Pennsylvania Moves To A New Place, Leaving Their Dog In An Old Home

Dog owners have a duty to protect their pups, and to give them immense love and affection. We should make sure that our four-legged friends live their best lives. They deserve it.

Knowing that there are heartless owners who mistreat and abandon their dogs makes me very sad.

In our following story, we will talk about Pamela; a wonderful dog who was neglected and abandoned by her owner. She was confined in a small, crumbling doghouse. 

After she lived in isolation for eight years, Pamela’s life was about to change.

Pamela Is Left All Alone

old dog in a doghouse
Source: Facebook

In 2018, Pamela’s family was evicted from their home, and they decided to leave their loyal pooch behind.

As soon as the local realtor realized that the family was going to move without their dog, he contacted Janine Guido, the founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

She immediately headed to the family house to rescue the dog. 

Having arrived at the address, she started looking for Pamela. She was left shocked after she saw the old and broken-down doghouse, which was Pamela’s home for eight years.

The pup kept peeking out of her doghouse. She looked sad, and she was too frightened to get out. Guido felt deeply saddened to see her in such a condition.

Helping Pamela Heal 

girl kissing the dog
Source: Facebook

Her owner came back to the house to pick up some things. He didn’t even say goodbye to his dog.

He helped Guido carry Pamela into the car, and after closing the door, he was gone. The pup’s owner never looked back.

Guido took the dog to the rescue. Pamela was still scared and insecure, not knowing how to deal with the sudden change in her life. Her tail was tucked, and she kept cowering in her crate. 

It was clear that she would need a lot of love and care.

“While she doesn’t have physical wounds, hers are emotional. And those are the hardest ones to heal,” Guido wrote on the rescue’s Facebook page.

Guido had experience in helping traumatized dogs heal their emotional scars. She was sure that she could help Pamela overcome her difficult past. 

tatooed girl and a dog hugging
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Guido started spending a lot of time with the dog. She talked to her and reassured her that everything would be fine. She gave Pamela all the affection and care that the dog lacked her entire life.

Guido’s heart broke every time she saw the sad look in her eyes.

“When I talk to her she just shakes in fear. Her whole body just trembles … Just the look in her eye is breaking my heart,” Guido wrote.

The Pup Discovers Love 

granny and dog
Source: Facebook

Seeing how much she cared for her, Pamela started trusting her rescuer. After a couple of days, the doggo grew very attached to her and started giving Guido little kisses. 

Gradually, Pamela was becoming more confident. She enjoyed going on walks with Guido. The lovely pooch realized that her life was changing for the better. She felt free and cared for like never before. 

As time passed, Pamela recovered and healed her scars. She blossomed into a delightful pooch who gave the sweetest kisses and hugs to her caregivers.

On June 23rd, in 2018, Speranza Animal Rescue shared that sweet Pamela went to a foster home. She was having a great time with her foster mom, Caroline. The cute dog soaked up all the love she gave her.

She felt happy, and she couldn’t stop smiling.

We’re thrilled to witness her happiness, and we’re grateful to all the good people who helped Pamela discover the love that every doggo deserves.

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