Family Notices Something Different About Their Dog After Bringing Him Back From The Groomer’s Appointment

Have you ever been in a situation where you accidentally confused someone else’s dog for your own?

Well, me neither, but apparently, it happens with certain breeds who look alike, and there is nothing embarrassing about that happening. It can happen to anyone.

In this story, we will talk about a strange case where a family from Missouri came to pick up their dog from a groomer only to realize something was wrong.

A New Haircut

mother, kid and dog near Christmas tree
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When Rachel Huertas realized it was time to get a new haircut for her dog, Oscar, she took him to a groomer in Missouri.

He happens to be a dog with a very particular kind of fur, and it looks a bit messy when it’s not taken care of often.

So, naturally, Huertas set an appointment with the groomer and took the dog there.

He was there for a while, so the family left and waited for the man to contact them when the appointment was over.

When they got the call, Huertas came to pick him up. Naturally, she realized that he was going to look different because of the new haircut, but something was off.

She checked with her family to make sure if they also thought something was wrong about Oscar, and they also confirmed her suspicions.

Mystery Solved

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Apparently, some of his age spots were missing, and he had an unusually fresh breath that was very apparent.

They also noticed that the dog seemed a bit disoriented and worried, which made it clear as to what happened.

Huertas said in a post on facebook: Some days are weird and you bring the wrong dog home from the groomer. That is NOT Oscar.

This is where the confusion happened. By pure coincidence, the groomer had given the wrong dog, named Gus, to the Huertas family, and Oscar went to the other family.

Two boys holding the dogs
Source: Facebook

Because the two dogs were there for a grooming appointment at the same time, that’s what caused this funny incident.

Even when you look at them both, you would have a hard time telling which one is Oscar.

However, all turned out well in the end, as the dogs were swapped and they are now with their rightful owners.
This just shows that accidents like this can happen to anyone, and they can make for very funny stories.

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