Family Notices Their Dog Has A New Habit And It Is Hilarious

Dogs are no strangers to having weird and unusual rituals or activities. Any time he was out, mine liked to run at least 10 laps around the house before he settled down.

We don’t know exactly why he would circle every time and not just run in other directions, but it was still adorable to see him so happy.

In this story, we will talk about a dog who also has a very unusual habit and his family made sure to capture the moment.

Reginald’s Previous Life

dog laying on a chair
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Even though Reginald is leading quite a life now, it wasn’t always like this. His former owners had him for a month before they decided to give him up.

The problem was that they were both working people who couldn’t just leave the dog alone at home, as he was very excitable.

So, naturally, they took him to work, where it proved to be a really big mistake, as he was really hyperactive and would disturb their work.

They knew it was unfair, but they had to send him back so that someone else could make him happy.

Reginald the dog peaking through the couch
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This turned out to be great for Reginald, as his current family was looking for another dog to give Megan some company.

After moving in with them, he settled in almost seamlessly, and the family took notice of his unusual personality immediately.

Reginald’s Funny Ritual

dog sliding on stairs
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Now that the right family is taking care of him, they make sure to let him know just how much they love him and he repays them by being their daily inspiration with his funny rituals.

Usually, when Reginald gets a very rough start to the morning, he won’t always feel like taking the stairs, at least not in the way he normally does.

Instead, he slides down them slowly, with his back feet dangling back, and it’s just the funniest thing ever.

This does not surprise the family, though, as they say that Reginald is a very lazy dog who just prefers to always take the easy route with everything.

dog laying on the owner
Source: YouTube

One of his favorite activities is to rest and nap with either his mom or his dad on the couch, with them being unable to move an inch so as not to disturb his sleep.

Though, it is fair to say that he loves his dad a bit more, as the two of them are completely inseparable.

When his dad goes to work, he sits at the window for a big part of the day and waits for him to come back.

Reginald’s unusual habits and personality make him seem almost humanlike and it’s just hilarious.

The family just adores this amazing dog and would do anything for him. Their bond is something truly special and a great example of just how dogs can improve our life so much.

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