Family Shocked To Discover A Furry Surprise Inside Their Stairs

When a family, located in Banbury, Connecticut, heard some high-pitched noises that sounded like cries, they decided to investigate.

As they followed the crying sounds, they were led to a concrete porch. Nearby, there was a mama cat with two kittens, but they obviously weren’t the ones crying.

The family continued their search.

How Did It Get There?

masonry wall and a hole
Source: Facebook

They spotted a narrow opening between the steps and the house, perfectly wide enough for small kittens to fall through.

Holding their breath, they waited for the cry to sound again, and when it did, it was coming from the opening.

The family immediately contacted the Danbury Fire Department (DFD) for help.

rescuers trying to get kittens from hole
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“Tonight, a family discovered two small kittens who had fallen between a masonry wall and some pre-cast concrete stairs. The two kittens had fallen just far enough down where they couldn’t be reached and pulled out, and their heads were stuck tight between the concrete,” wrote the DFD on a Facebook post.

Rescue Mission

The DFD tried to save the kittens from above, but soon realized that that would not be possible, so they had to come up with a new plan.  

They decided to use rescue airbags and wedge them, along with some blocks of wood, between the house and the steps.

a firefighter trying to rescue kittens
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“Utilizing rescue [airbags], just enough force was exerted to add about [a quarter] inch of space, allowing the kittens to fall into the void below the stairs,” they continued.

The kittens dropped even further down, eventually landing on the ground. Luckily, they were not injured at all.

But, the DFD team was already on it as they were already working on getting them from the other side.

firefighters pulling out kittens
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“[The] firefighters removed two rocks in an adjoining wall, and then they were able to reach in with a snare and capture both kittens,” stated the DFD.

After a quite nerve-wracking mission, the firefighters finally got the fluffy kittens out.

adorable black kitten being rescued
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Everybody present was thrilled – from the hoomans cheering them as they worked, to the mama cat and her other kids.

“The two rogue kittens were reunited with their mom and siblings, and the neighborhood was relieved that the kittens were alright,” they concluded.

happy kids with kitten
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Final Word

Finally, the little adorable kittens were reunited with their family, who could not contain their excitement.

Hopefully, they learned their lesson, and now know that they should only play on the fluffy grass, as there is plenty of it around.  

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