Family Surprised To Find A Starving Stray Dog Curled Up On Their Porch

The greatest wish of all stray pups is to be saved from the uncertain life on the streets. While they spend their days looking for food, they long to have a loving home and caring humans who would shower them with love.

Brady, a sweet stray puppy, had the same wish. He made up his mind to find kind-hearted humans who would rescue him and make his wish come true.

As he wandered around the neighborhood in St. Louis, Brady chose a family house with a nice porch. He decided to meet the humans who live there and ask for their help.

An Adorable Surprise Waiting On A Porch

cute puppy sitting on a porch
Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

The family who lived in that house was thrilled to find a furry surprise curled up in front of their door. Their hearts melted when they realized that an adorable puppy was taking a nap on their porch. 

Realizing that the pup needed help, the family immediately contacted Stray Rescue of St. Louis. Shortly after receiving their call, Donna Lochmann, the rescue’s chief life-saving officer, came to their house. 

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She was extremely surprised to see that the puppy was very relaxed and laid-back.

“He had no other littermates, no other dogs around him, nothing. But he somehow knew that [people] weren’t bad,” Lochmann said.

The puppy, later named Brady, felt relieved to be rescued, and he immediately let Lochmann carry him to her car. Brady knew that she was the rescuer he was hoping to find.

She took him to the vet, and the pup was found to be in excellent health. After he finished his medical checkup, Brady seemed eager to meet the shelter staff, and he bonded with them right away.

Unlike most stray pups, Brady was neither frightened nor shy. 

“He opened up to everybody here right off the bat. He didn’t really seem timid or scared,” Lochmann said. 

He enjoyed the affection his shelter friends gave him. His tail didn’t stop wiggling, and he was all smiles.

Receiving All The Love He Deserves

happy dog with open mouth and tongue out
Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis via The Dodo

After he received his vaccines, Brady moved in with a wonderful foster family.

They were overjoyed to welcome him to their home and give him all the love he needed and deserved.

The charming pup blossomed into a love bug. He enjoyed cuddling and playing with his toys. Brady loved people and always greeted everybody he met on his walks in St. Louis.

The adorable puppy didn’t wait long to find his forever family. Brady’s face beamed with joy when he found out that he would finally have the loving home he had been hoping for.

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The endless love of his family made him feel happy and safe. For the first time in his life, he had a place to call home.

I’m overjoyed because Brady met wonderful people who helped him find the love and affection that he lacked. I hope that all stray dogs get the happy ending they deserve.

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