Friendly Lost Dog Assists The Local Police In Wisconsin While Waiting For Family

Sometimes, the jobs of animal rescuers don’t always go to the actual animal rescue teams, but rather, they fall upon the local police department.

When the police department of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, had the task of rescuing a wandering dog, they could never guess what they were in for.

New Employee

dog walking down the hallway
Source: Chippewa Falls Police Department via The Dodo

When a kind soul saw a dog named Tate walking up and down the streets with no hooman in sight, he decided to call the local police department.

A couple of officers swiftly made their way to look for the lost dog, bringing him back to the station as soon as they found him.

As they let Tate settle in while they were looking for his owner, they never imagined that he would decide to make himself useful and become a part of the team.

Propping himself up by the visitor window, Tate greeted anybody who entered the police station, letting them know that he was there to help!

dog looking up behind counter
Source: Chippewa Falls Police Department

Even though he wasn’t given a police badge for his hard work, he was gifted with a whole lot of pets, and I bet he would take those over a badge any day.

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“He fit in very well,” said a spokesperson for Chippewa Falls Police.

dog looking through glass window
Source: Chippewa Falls Police Department via The Dodo

As Tate was approaching the end of his shift on a very productive workday, I can only imagine how eager he was to join the force indefinitely.

However, his plans were about to be interrupted.

dog named tate looking through visitor window
Source: Chippewa Falls Police Department via The Dodo

Tate’s owners were indeed found and contacted right away. 

As they rushed over to the Chippewa Falls police department, they were not only delighted to be reunited with their lovely dog, but also to learn about the great help he was while waiting for his hoomans.

photo of dog tate sitting
Source: Chippewa Falls Police Department via The Dodo

Final Word

This is just one of those things that melts your heart as soon as you see it

A dog in a very unusual place, doing something they aren’t really intended to do, but still looking like the cutest thing ever.

Thank you for being so adorable in your line of work, Officer Tate!

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