German Shepherd Mom Dumped At The Gas Station Cries For Help

Sadly, not all dogs have the privilege of living a comfortable and happy life as a loving pet. In many cases, their life has unfortunately been marred by unfathomable hardship and heartbreak.  

One of those dogs was a young German Shepherd momma named Mercy. 

In the spring, this Black and Tan German Shepherd dog was dumped out of a car at the gas station in Southwest Houston, Texas. 

Before anyone could react, the car sped away, leaving a very confused and sad momma at this unknown location. 

A Mother’s Cry For Help

the dog begs to get back in the car
Source: thedodo

According to the rescue organization, Sauver Des Chiens, from Houston, Texas, a sweet nursing momma, later named Mercy, was dumped at the gas station with her puppies in a cardboard box.

They were thrown out like trash and left to fend for themselves. 

Sadly, before anyone could come to help, someone took the box with the puppies and left the crying momma at a Texaco gas station. 

Mercy begged everyone to help her, but no one would even look at her until a local rescuer pulled into the station to fill up her tank.

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According to The Dodo, Shannon Ackerman was just on her way home from another rescue mission. She had just rescued a Husky momma and her two puppies from a drain pipe next to a highway and was bringing them to safety. 

While pulling into a Texaco gas station, she couldn’t even imagine that she would find another dog begging her to be rescued, but there she was. 

dog set at the gas station
Source: thedodo

“As soon as I started pumping gas, I felt something lick me on the back of my knee, which scared me,” Ackerman told The Dodo. 

When she looked down, she saw this sweet German Shepherd momma that had this sad look on her face, begging to be helped. 

A Begging Soul 

With her car full of rescue dogs, she didn’t know what to do with this crying and whining dog, but one thing was certain – she was not going to leave her there. 

“It just broke my heart,” Ackerman said. 

So, she called her friend, Whitney Hartman, who was another independent dog rescuer, and told her about the abandoned German Shepherd. 

Hartman told The Dodo, “She told me there was a German shepherd mom in the [gas station] parking lot, whining and trying to get into her car. Of course, I couldn’t leave her there, so I drove over.”

a happy dog enjoys a car ride
Source: petlover

As soon as Hartman opened her car door, Mercy happily jumped in her car. “She was so happy to be in the car,” she said. 

The next day, Sauver Des Chiens dog rescue took Mercy as she desperately needed some medical help, and they had better resources. 

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She needed to be watched closely for signs of mastitis, a condition which can be caused by a lack of nursing puppies. 

the dog is sitting on the pavement in front of the cage
Source: petlover

Although she was safe now, poor Mercy was still looking for her puppies.

Courtney Manske, from Sauver Des Chiens, told The Dodo that they were actively searching for her puppies or any kind of information that would lead to them. 

From Abandonment To Belonging 

Even after everything she had been through, Mercy still loved every human she met. They soon noticed that she loved toys, car rides, pets, and walks. 

“Mercy would love a forever home where she can be showered with all the love and care she deserves, and where she will never have to worry about being thrown out like trash ever again,” Manske said.

Thankfully, after some time, they were able to find the perfect home for loving Mercy. 

german shepherd with harness and leash on the terrace
Source: Facebook

She was adopted by a wonderful family North of Houston who loved her from the moment they met. 

According to the dog rescue, she now has her own home, her own back yard, a loving mom and dad, and her own doggie bed. 

Mercy is finally living a good life.

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