Giant-Hearted Dog Lover Spends His 100th Birthday With Over 200 Dogs

Turning 100 years old is a remarkable milestone as it is, but having the opportunity to celebrate it with an amazing dog parade is everything one avid dog lover could wish for. 

For Dr. Robert Moore, a retired dean of science and applied arts from San Jose State University, this wish came true. 

His daughter decided to throw him a surprise birthday party and thought that inviting a couple neighborhood dogs would be a good idea. 

Little did she know that this little party would turn into a full-blown dog parade…

A Day To Remember

man celebrating 100th birthday with friends and dogs
Source: The Washington Post

Dr. Moore has always been a big dog lover, so celebrating his 100th birthday with a couple of neighborhood dogs seemed like a great idea. 

His daughter, Alison Moore, decided to post on the Nextdoor app, asking people to bring their dogs in front of their house to wish Robert a happy 100th birthday. 

Alison told NBC Bay Area that they were expecting 20 to 30 dogs max, but the response turned out to be incredible. 

two dogs driving in a trunk on birthday celebration
Source: The Washington Post

The two- and four-legged San Jose community came together to make this a day to remember. 

Over 200 dogs and their owners ended up showing, lining up down the street from Dr. Moore’s home and around the block. 

The canines were dressed in their finest attire, from tuxedos to cowboy hats. One dog rode in a classic car, and there was even one disabled dog pulling his cart. 

old man celebrating birthday looking at dog in wheelchair
Source: We Rate Dogs

Despite not knowing Dr. Moore, people brought him flowers, balloons, cupcakes, and even cool drawings and posters. 

One woman did not own a dog, but she brought a large stuffed dog toy on the cart just to wish Robert a happy birthday. 

“They were mostly strangers, and it makes you feel wonderful about your community that people would come out and do that for your dad that you love so much. It was really special,” Alison told NBC Bay Area. 

It Was A Four-Legged Frenzy

Robert was positively surprised by all this, and couldn’t have been happier. 

old man cuddling a dog on his 100th birthday celebration
Source: We Rate Dogs

Everyone who knows Rob describes him as a “dog whisperer”, and he even knew every single breed of dog he met that day. 

“My father, he was so touched. He pet every single dog that came through. Every person brought the dog up to him. It was so lovely,” Alison told NBC Bay Area.

Alison also said that this was the biggest thing that had happened to their family and definitely one that has brought immense joy. 

old man in wheelchair cuddling a dog at his birthday celebration
Source: We Rate Dogs

It was certainly a birthday that Robert and his whole family will never forget. 

“It’s hard to explain how special it was. He really felt the birthday love,” Alison said. 

Here is the video of the dog parade, created by Robert’s granddaughter, Caroline Moore: 


Surprise dog parade for Pop Pops 100th birthday! #fyp #surprise #dogs

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PupVine would like to wish a very happy 100th birthday to Robert. May the rest of your life be filled with furry paws, wagging tails, and unforgettable joy. 

big birthday card for 100th birthday
Source: We Rate Dogs

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