Giant-Hearted Rescuers Save Abandoned Momma Dog And Her Babies

When it comes to rescuing stray dogs from inhumane conditions, it’s really all about the timing! Sometimes, even seconds matter, especially if it’s about saving newborns from being left in inhumane conditions at the mercy of the street. 

One such case caught the attention of the Pet Adoption YouTube channel. An abandoned mama dog just had her litter, but she was obviously too weak to find them a shelter or to protect them on her own.

Luckily, a few good people came across the dogs, extending them a friendly hand when they needed it the most. It seemed like a successful rescue right off the bat, but everything didn’t go as smoothly as planned at first. Here’s why…

Skittish And Aggressive, She Didn’t Let The Rescuers Near

a dog lies next to its newborns on the street
Source: Pet Adoption

Even though she was found in pretty bad condition, the mama dog didn’t let the rescuers help her or her puppies at first. She was quite skittish and aggressive, and she tried to bite the rescuers several times.

The truth is she wasn’t aggressive by default, she just tried being a good momma to her babies. It was evident that the poor dog was traumatized and scared, and she didn’t know any better!

the dog is lying next to his little dogs
Source: Pet Adoption

Since she was wearing a collar at the moment of rescue, her saviors assumed that she was abandoned by her family. She looked extremely malnourished and weak, as well as her puppies. 

Two Of Her Puppies Had Already Passed Away

huddled little dogs next to each other
Source: Pet Adoption

When she was first found, the rescuers found six of her puppies near her, but two of them, sadly, had already passed away. They knew that they needed to react fast in order to save the rest of her litter, so they put her and her puppies in a car and drove them to a shelter.

She was still quite timid and wary, but eventually, she calmed down.

Doggo Family Rescued Just In Time

the dog eats food from a tin container
Source: Pet Adoption

The moment they got to their very own improvised shelter inside a rescuer’s house, the mom dog was fed with quality food.

Despite the fact that she was very weak due to previous lack of food, she ate everything in the bowl. She was evidently very hungry and all she needed was proper care, but now, after a long time – the dog got everything she needed!

The good news was that she had enough milk for her puppies, who were doing better and better every day. Once they surpassed the critical period, they finally got on the right track, growing healthily with their mom near them.

two dogs are standing on the stairs
Source: Pet Adoption

The most amazing thing was seeing them start opening their eyes and crawling on their teeny-tiny paws. They were all finally in a safe space, far away from the severity of the streets they were once exposed to.

We really hope all five of them get a loving home where they can be loved and cared for just the way they truly deserve!

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