Golden Retriever Obsessed With His Puppyhood Toy Receives The Biggest Surprise

Every dog has a favorite toy, and Chance sure has no doubts about his!

This San Diego Golden Retriever has had a whole bunch of stuffies that he has played with ever since puppyhood, but one particular toy from the basket has always been his favorite. 

Being aware of that, his mom wanted to surprise him with a bigger version of it, but what started out as a small surprise turned out to be much more!

Chance’s Favorite Toy

The Golden Retriever looks at the toy that the man is holding in his hand
Source: @chancethepupper 

Shannen Standiford, Chance’s owner, is well-aware of her dog’s obsession with one particular toy – a small Christmas-themed pickle. For some reason, Chance has always been in love with this toy, even though it originally belonged to his late sibling, the cat.

He would always try to have the pickle for himself when the cat wasn’t paying attention. And, when he sadly crossed the rainbow bridge – Chance never let go of it. 

Besides his loving mom, it is safe to say that Chance is obsessed with his pickle. It’s his number-one favorite toy in the world, and he literally brings it everywhere. 

smiling golden retriever in the arms of a woman
Source: @pupsonthecoast

He rests with it, watches the sunset with it, takes naps and sleeps with it, and basically does everything he can with it!

Unlike other plush toys that he would destroy with his teeth, he would only nibble on this one as if he was eating corn on the cob.

And, when he isn’t doing that, he simply covers it in kisses or carries it around in his mouth, as if the pickle is his best friend!

Golden Retriever with a toy in his mouth on the balcony
Source: @chancethepupper 

That’s why his mom made it her mission to extend her dog’s “pickle collection” and add an extra few in the basket! 

It all started out as a random idea when Shannen saw a few bigger versions of the exact Christmas pickle in pet stores. She wanted to surprise her dog, but at the same time, make sure that he has spare pickles just in case he tears them apart.

“He actually has so many little babies that he refuses to tear up. He just gently tosses them around and cobs them,” his mom wrote on TikTok.

Giant Surprise

@chancethepupper Replying to @Kordeee the big pickle pupdate #christmaspickle ♬ Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

One day, Shannen saw the giant version of Chance’s favorite pickle in Petco, and her heart immediately jumped! 

She didn’t think twice, and immediately purchased it to surprise her Golden Retriever boy. And, when she finally arrived at her California home – she received the most authentic reaction ever!

As soon as he saw the giant replica of his favorite toy, Chance’s eyes immediately lit up! He instantly grabbed the pickle in his mouth, dragged it to the couch, and “started the ritual.”

A golden retriever is lying on a green blanket
Source: @chancethepupper

He started cobbing the toy the same way he did with his original version, and he gently laid his head on it. Shannen knew that this one, too, would soon become an unavoidable part of his collection, and she was so happy to be able to get it.

Chance is just so proud of his pickle collection. And, now that he has another one, he just can’t be happier!
Still, it seems that his oldest Christmas pickle – the one that he “stole away” from his cat buddy – is, without any doubt, his favorite!

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