Heartbroken Dog Surrendered To A Shelter After 7 Years Of Being With A Family

Our pups are our best friends and family members. We share our home with them, and our four-legged companions know that they belong with us. They feel safe with us, knowing that we would never leave them.

Sadly, many canines get surrendered to shelters after spending a lifetime with their family. After they find themselves deprived of a loving home, the loyal dogs become confused. All they want to do is return to the only place they called home and hug their parents again.

This is exactly how Jodi, a seven-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix, felt when her family surrendered her to a shelter after she spent seven years with them.

Not realizing why they gave her up, sad and confused Jodi kept expecting to see their loving faces whenever she heard somebody approaching her kennel.

Little did she know that she would soon find happiness again.

A Loving Shelter Resident

a girl caresses a sad dog in a shelter
Source: The Little Guild

In 2022, a group of dogs were transferred from an overcrowded Habersham County Animal Shelter, in Georgia, to the Little Guild – a shelter in Northwest Connecticut.

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For the Habersham County Shelter staff and volunteers, it was heartbreaking to say goodbye to one special pup their beloved Jodi.

She was simply their favorite, and they got attached to her ever since she came to the shelter. 

“Jodi meant a lot to the staff and volunteers from their shelter. Volunteers cried when they found out we were going to take in Jodi and find her a home,” said Kelsey Turick, an employee at The Little Guild.

Jodi’s Story

portrait of a sad dog wrapped in a blanket
Source: The Little Guild

Her family surrendered her to the Georgia shelter after she spent 7 years with them. She didn’t realize what was going on, and she kept hoping to see her family at the shelter door. 

What Jodi didn’t know was that her family gave her up because of a housing issue, and that they were not coming back. 

Ever since they saw her sad eyes, the Georgia shelter members did everything they could to brighten up her mood and bring a smile to her face. They gave her the love that she missed, but they knew that they couldn’t substitute her family.

As much as they loved her, Jodi’s shelter friends were convinced that she needed to move to the Connecticut shelter because she would have better chances of getting adopted.

After she arrived at The Little Guild, Jodi was nervous and scared. The shelter staff members noticed that she hesitated to interact with them, and they gave her some time to adjust to her new surroundings.

portrait of a dog looking at the camera while a woman is petting him
Source: The Little Guild

They showered her with love and affection, and very soon, the pup formed a strong bond with all the staff members and volunteers. Her friends helped her overcome her fear, and little by little, she began trusting them. 

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Jodi loved cuddling with them… soaking up all their affection. 

Their love helped her come out of her shell, and her amazing character made everybody fall in love with her.

“She has a great personality and always wants to be with people. She loves to play fetch outside but also loves to snuggle up under a blanket with you. She is an older gal but still has lots of energy and loves her daily walks … She is a very special girl and means a lot to us,” Turick added.

Finding Happiness 

a smiling family with a dog takes a picture
Source: The Little Guild

The Little Guild staff members were enchanted with her, and they couldn’t wait to help her find a loving family. 

All of Jody’s friends, both in Georgia and Connecticut, were rooting for her to get her happy ending. They were sure that she would be the perfect dog who would wonderfully fit into any household.

In November 2022, The Little Guild shared the happy news that Jodi had found her forever home. As soon as her family saw her soulful eyes, they fell in love with her. The sweet pooch was over the moon. Her face beamed with happiness as she posed for her adoption photo.

My heart is overflowing with happiness, knowing that adorable Jodi is living her best life with her family who loves her and who will always be there for her. She will never feel rejected again. 

@littleguild 7 yr old Jodi is the absolute best dog. She likes kids, cats, and dogs. She loves going on walks, car rides or just chillin on the couch. She would be an amazing member of your family! We are in West Cornwall, Connecticut. For more info or to fill out an adoption application go to littleguild.org! #adopt #animalshelter #shelterdog ♬ original sound – tvdoaudios

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