Hero Police Officers Act Upon A Shocking Call About A Drowning Dog

Dogs have been man’s best friend for thousands of years. This especially applies to the many rescue dogs who have been abused their entire life, but still end up loving and trusting any human who cares for them.

This newfound trust and love for their humans can bring back their cheerful and playful personality and make them feel whole again. 

This is why it’s so important to give these pups a chance and have patience with them, as they can often get in trouble if you are not attentive to their needs.

In this story, we will talk about another rescue dog whose adventurous spirit got him in trouble.

Meet Sarge

policewoman helps a drowning dog
Source: Lighthouse Point Police Department

Sarge is a very brave rescue dog who spent most of his life in tough situations. In most cases, he can pull his own weight, but during one emergency in 2022, he got stuck in a canal and was struggling to swim.

When the Lighthouse Point Police Department was notified about this, they immediately sent officers Sara Gianino and Allyson Steinkamp to the rescue.

They saw where the pup was and rushed to help him out.

Officer Sara Gianino told The Dodo: He couldn’t get out because the sea wall was so high and the tide was so low. And it didn’t seem like he could swim for much longer.

They tried to find a way to reach out to the dog and grab him, but there was no stable ground from which they could do that.

So, they did the only thing they could in that situation. LHPPD wrote on Facebook: It was determined that a broken dock would allow her the best chance to get the pup out of the water.

Intense Rescue Operation

In the video, you can see that officer Gianino took off her gear and jumped into the water to help the dog.

While that was happening, a nearby family on the boat saw the whole situation and a man, Charles King, jumped to help without any hesitation.

The two pushed the dog out of the water and to Steinkamp, who was standing on the docks. With one final effort, she grabbed his collar and pulled him up. 

Gianino said: He was so happy to be out. He was super cheerful.

His mom, Alex Griffin, posted a statement on Facebook to thank the officers for their help. 

one dog is sleeping on his pillow, the other is playing on the carpet
Source: Facebook

In her post, she said: Here is Sarge the swimming dog and his girlfriend, Jenny. Jenny is very grateful for Officer Steinkamp, Officer Gianino, and the King Family’s help in bringing Sarge home safely. 

Thanks to our neighbors and the LHP Police Department, Sarge is able to come home to Jenny to tear the stuff-n-fluff out of toys, go for walkies, and take naps together another day!

Luckily, in the end, the whole event had a happy ending. Sarge continues to enjoy his time with his family, and they are making sure that he is a lot more careful from now on.

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