Hikers Heard Some Noise Near A Creek And Were Surprised By What They Found

They say that timing is everything.

When a Californian couple went on a hike one day, never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined that they would end up saving not one – but four lives!

They were passing down by the creek when they heard strange noises nearby. After some searching, they finally saw it – a shocking surprise right before their eyes.

Learning To Trust Again

dog in the wood
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Right there, in the middle of nowhere, was a mom dog giving birth to three tiny puppies

The couple immediately called for help, and the dog family was saved in no time. Thom McCallum, a dog rescuer from Berkeley, California, took all four of them in, but the fostering process didn’t start out great.

Ruby, as she was later named, was a very timid mom. At first, she didn’t trust Thom at all, and she was quite reserved.

baby dogs sleeping
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Even though Thom made sure to do everything to make Ruby’s stay in his home comfortable, she still had a long way to go. This abandoned momma clearly had a rough past, and she definitely needed time to heal.

Thom took care of Ruby’s puppies around the clock, which was the easy part of the journey. Ruby was such a great mom and she nursed her babies amazingly. 

Day after day, Ruby slowly started coming out of her shell. She finally realized that Thom was there to help, and she started to warm up to him.

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Eventually, she completely let down her guard and learned to trust her new hooman. And, it felt really good!

For the first time in forever, Ruby finally learned what a loving touch feels like. With her babies getting bigger and stronger every day, she completely transformed and became a brand-new dog.

Thriving In A New Home

Source: @thomohawk

It took Ruby a couple of months to get there – but she definitely became the biggest lovebug. She even got to the point where she doesn’t want to leave Thom’s side, even for one second.

“Ruby won’t leave my side. She goes everywhere I go. She’s really thriving now,” Thom told The Dodo.

The five of them trained together, played in their spacious yard together, and eventually learned how to go on walks together!

Source: @thomohawk

When they grew big enough to embark on their own journey, Thom made sure to find each of them a loving home. The good news was – all three of them were adopted into families who lived nearby. And, Ruby became the perfect foster fail!

Jax and Kirby went to forever homes that were only a couple of miles away, and Tito, Ruby’s third puppy, found a family right next door. Thom and his neighbor even turned a back fence into a gate, so he and Ruby could play together whenever they wanted.

“From 10 days old until now watching them grow up into compassionate and sweet companions has been one of the most rewarding experiences as a foster,” Thom wrote on Instagram.

dogs looking up
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Watching this momma thrive after she once was abandoned is such a rewarding experience. And, allowing her to see her babies almost on a daily basis is what makes everything even better!

Today, Ruby’s pups are big bois and girls, but their momma still sees them as her little babies. She has never lost her parental touch, which made Thom realize that Ruby would be a great foster mom, too!

Together with her dad, she has fostered many dogs. The two kept on taking care of other dogs in need, including tiny puppies, and Ruby just loves it!

Eventually, she got a forever buddy, Pogo, who was saved from the hills at only four months. Pogo was hit by a car and his leg was amputated, but he adapted into Thom’s and Ruby’s home just perfectly!

two dogs laying together in sunlights
Source: @thomohawk

“Ruby and Pogo love life and doing everything together,” Thom wrote.

Recently, Thom moved to a bigger home in Berkeley, with his girlfriend, and the dogs couldn’t be happier. Pogo and Ruby have a lot more space to exhibit their cheerful personalities. And, they definitely have more space to take cozy naps!

Once an abandoned momma who trusted absolutely no one, Ruby now has a whole family!

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