Hilarious Dog Fakes A Paw Injury To Get All The Attention From His Dad

A cute little dog named Piper is his dad, Dennis Gerard’s pride and joy.

Dennis loves his pup with all of his heart and does his best to do whatever Piper wants. However, being the smart boy he is, Piper sometimes uses the love of his dad to his advantage.

Smart Little Pup

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One time, while playing, Piper unfortunately stepped on a bee, hurting his paw. Not being able to walk properly and being in a lot of pain, his parents decided to console him by giving him extra treats.

However, realizing how good of a treatment he was getting, Piper decided to pretend his paw was hurting, even when it wasn’t.

“He was legitimately sore for one day but continued to play it for treats. Of course, I am the weakest link and I give him treats, reinforcing the behavior. It’s a vicious circle,” said Dennis.

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Ever since then, Piper has been faking leg injuries in order to get some extra treats. Unfortunately, for him, his dad was a bit fed up and decided to do something about his little games.

I had to teach him a lesson!

Surprise Vet Visit

Since Piper was due for a vet checkup anyway, Dennis decided to take him to the vet during his little fake injuries.

As soon as Piper realized where his dad had taken him, he started to question whether those treats were actually worth it.

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I asked the vet tech to examine his legs. She was happy to play along.

Piper was not pleased with his unexpected vet visit, but he still managed to walk away victorious.

Whether he understood if we were there to scare him straight is debatable. However, I can confirm he outplayed me on my plan. I felt so bad for him that I gave him tons of treats and a pup cup when we got home.

Despite Dennis’s attempts to teach his dog a lesson, Piper still got exactly what he wanted – tons of treats and attention, and Dennis, being Piper’s biggest fan, was happy to provide.  

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