Homeowner In Shock When She Discovers An ‘Illegal Tenant’ In Her New Home

When a woman by the name of Katie Hoover moved into her new home, she started hearing some really strange noises.

Initially, she thought it was one of those noises that old houses make, but she soon realized that this was not the case.

Strange Discovery

Katie was still getting used to living in an old house with all the groans and the creaks that come with it.

But, when this particular sound started getting louder and much more frequent, she decided to do a little bit of investigating.

“I kept hearing this weird shuffling sound that I couldn’t identify and was starting to get freaked out, then I rounded the corner to this,” Katie wrote in a Facebook post.

When she started looking through her moving boxes, she noticed that all of them were sealed. Well, except for one that was staring right back at her.

One of the boxes was unsealed, and hiding inside of it was an adorable, full-grown orange cat.

Katie quickly picked up the cat and took him to the other room, away from her own cats, Artemis and Apollo, and started checking around the neighborhood, wondering if anybody was missing a cat.

“It didn’t take long to find out what happened. His old owner was elderly and passed away and his family didn’t want the cat, so they dumped him in the woods out back and left,” she continued.

Katie then found out that the cat actually lived in a wood shed located behind the house for over a year before she moved in.

And, as he saw the moving boxes being brought in, he decided to hop inside of one, securing himself a place in the house.  

“I decided to take him in. It was only right since it was his house longer than it was mine. He sort of came with the house,” she stated.

New Home

As he had spent some time inside of the house already, it didn’t take long for this cat to completely adjust to his new home.

He also got a very interesting name.

“I ended up naming him Murdaugh, after the orange cat from the video game ‘Stray’. But as a nickname, I’ve been calling him Murray or Murray Murder Mittens!” Katie told The Dodo.

At first, Murray had a bit of a hard time accepting the new affection his family was showering him with.

“He would be very defensive when you’d suddenly pet him. He was used to fighting for survival, so I couldn’t blame him,” she said.

But, when he realized he was in a safe and loving environment, he was able to reciprocate and give that affection right back.

However, he did face a challenge when it came to his cat siblings.

“Artemis and Apollo are thick as thieves and weren’t sure what to think of this orange interloper,” she said.

Murry was very respectful of the fact that they were there first, so he gave them their space. Whenever they would cuddle with their mom in her bed at night, he would sleep all alone, hidden in the guest room.

Luckily, after some time, Apollo and Artemis started accepting the fact that there was a third cat in the house, and although they still aren’t best friends, they do get along well.

Final Word

Despite some bickering with his siblings, Murry is loving his new life.

He adores the attention he receives from his mom, as well as the warm and loving house he essentially claimed as his own.

“[The] little stinker is extremely mischievous and a happy house cat once again,” Katie concluded.

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