Injured Dog Found On The Streets In Oregon Is Now The Sweetest Lovebug

In the vast sea of dog stories, Piglet’s might be one of the hardest.

This sweet, white doggo girl had a rough start in her life. She roamed the streets completely alone, with no hooman or home to call her own. 

On top of all that, she was a victim of severe animal cruelty. Piglet was mercilessly beaten by someone, which resulted in her broken jaw.

She had every reason not to trust people anymore, but this brave girl chose the other path in life – the one filled with kindness, love, and the warmest hugs ever!

Piglet’s A Hero

stray dog on the couch
Source: Northwest Dog Project

Typically, dogs that survive some major trauma are inclined to be wary of people, but not Piglet! This survivor girl decided to put all of her trust in humanity despite the horrible things that happened to her.

She was found on the street, not older than a few months, and she was barely fending for herself. Due to a broken jaw that, according to vets, came as a result of severe kicks on the head, she practically couldn’t eat, and she was only days away from the point of no return.

saved dog sleeps on the couch
Source: Northwest Dog Project

Fortunately, the good people of Northwest Dog Project, from Eugene, Oregon, found her in time and decided to give her the transformation of life!

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Emma, one of the volunteers in the facility, recalls meeting Piglet for the first time. According to her, she was a lovebug right from the start, as if she was trying to say how grateful she was for finally being around someone who provided her with love and care.

“I remember when we were bathing her, she put her head into me and I felt like we kind of bonded immediately. She was so tiny and perfect,” said Emma.

two dogs laying next to each other
Source: Northwest Dog Project

She soon became everyone’s favorite. This sweet girl showered every single person with the warmest kisses and snuggles, so happy to have found a refuge after all.

“Piglet is truly one of a kind… This girl experienced cruelty that no animal should ever experience at a very young age, however she didn’t let that stop her from seeing the love and kindness humans are capable of,” the NWP wrote in their Facebook post.

dog in womans lap
Source: Northwest Dog Project

On top of her broken jaw condition she was deaf and partially blind. Piglet had extensive surgery that required a long recovery process, but she took it like a hero!

She didn’t let her condition stand in the way of showing how beautiful of a temperament she had, and her foster mom, Grace, was just so grateful for having Piglet in her home.

“She had the best temperament out of any puppy,” said Grace. Piglet got along with Grace’s other dogs, proving her low-maintenance and cheerful nature

Every day, she felt so much better in her temporary Oregon home, and after a few weeks, she began eating normally. Piglet was finally ready for a new home, and it was a matter of days before this sweet girl met her furever moms!

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A Brand-New Girl With A Brand-New Life

women posing with dogs
Source: @_pigletthepup

Kit and Robyn were blessed to be the first in line to adopt Piglet, and it turned out to be the best decision ever!

At their first meeting, Piglet instantly fell in love with them and her new doggo sibling, which was amazing. She bonded with her new pawrents with just the greatest enthusiasm ever.

black and white dog sleeping together
Source: @_pigletthepup

Today, she’s a happy girl, living her best life with the best family in the world! Despite her partial blindness and the fact that she can’t hear, Piglet embarks on beautiful adventures almost on a daily basis.

She goes to the beach, plays in the snow, goes on long walks, takes hikes, and makes sure her moms have the time of their lives. 

You can keep up with Piglet’s future adventures on Instagram.

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