Injured Rescue Dog Feels True Freedom For The First Time After Surgery

There’s something truly inspiring about rescue dogs. The moment you take them out of a shelter, there’s this instant spark in their eyes that makes you appreciate life even more.

Tony, for sure, had that spark! The minute this shelter boi was taken out of a kennel to meet his giant-hearted savior, he transformed into the sweetest lovebug.

He has never truly experienced freedom before. Tony had a serious leg injury and no place to call his own, but on that day, everything was about to change!

Perfectly Imperfect Pups To The Rescue

dog on front seat of the car
Source: @full_time_floof

Nicole Kincaid, of Perfectly Imperfect Pups, from Raleigh, North Carolina, met Tony in a shelter. He was in terrible shape the first time she saw him. 

He had a broken front leg after being hit by a car, and had no proper treatment, which made Nicole want him even more. She took him in and immediately subjected him to a vet exam, where he got his first splint and was scheduled for surgery.

Even though Nicole was his first real touch with the hooman world, Tony was just natural! He was so affectionate and had a wonderful way with people, which made everybody fall in love with him at first meeting!

Stephanie was one of the people who wasn’t immune to his charm! This Raleigh vet tech who was included in Tony’s recovery process felt an instant connection with the dog. 

Right after surgery, she approached Nicole, who was waiting for Tony in a parking lot, asking if she could foster him – and Nicole loved it! The idea of Tony being fostered by the woman who treated him was just amazing. And, it seemed that Tony was on board, too!

Off To A Foster Home

dog and vet sitting together
Source: @full_time_floof

The dog instantly embraced Stephanie as his foster mom. He was so enthusiastic during his first house tour, where he met Anya, Stephanie’s 12-year-old rescue dog, and the two really hit it off right away!

“Tony and Anya are actively playing tug of war. Anya – she’s all in. It’s like they became immediate best friends. Well, maybe immediate, like older sister, little brother,” Stephanie told The Dodo.

dog with injured leg
Source: @full_time_floof

Together with Anya and her husband, Casey, Stephanie made sure Tony had everything he needed for a speedy recovery – and he reciprocated!

He was showering everyone with so much love on a daily basis, and in no time, his older doggo sister couldn’t imagine life without him. The two played together, took walks together, napped together, and even ate together!

Officially A Foster Fail

happy gray dog
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After she realized that Tony adapted into her family like he had been there forever, Stephanie realized that she just couldn’t part ways with him. This rescue boi officially became a foster fail!

On the official adoption day, Nicole, Stephanie, and Tony met again in a dog park, celebrating love and this dog’s amazing journey to the best home possible! 

And, it was the first time after surgery that Tony got his cast off! 

dog and guy running
Source: @full_time_floof

When Stephanie let him off leash into a playground, he was like a brand-new dog! He started doing zoomies for the first time ever, as if he was trying to say: “Look at me! I’m finally running freely!”

“You can see this, like, spring in his step. Like, “I’m free!” Things are changing for him,” says Stephanie.

two dogs on a leash
Source: @full_time_floof

That was the breakthrough moment for this North Carolina doggo that helped him rediscover himself again! He was so happy to finally be out in full potential! And, Stephanie and Nicole were just over the moon to see him like that.

Tony, Anya, and the family are going strong, making every day a new adventure! We truly hope they continue to make lifetime memories together, and we wish them a lot of pawesome moments along the way!
You can keep up with Tony and Anya on their Instagram account!

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