Is Annette Goerner Departing CTV News? Destination Revealed?

Is Annette Goerner leaving CTV News? The online community is abuzz with curiosity about her next career move. Let’s delve into the details surrounding the departure of this seasoned News Anchor and discover where her professional journey is headed.

Annette Goerner is a well-known and respected figure in the realm of broadcast journalism, boasting a rich experience spanning over two decades. Her extensive background encompasses both television and radio, highlighting her versatility in the field.

Notably, Goerner has established herself as a skillful communicator, adept at conveying information effectively and with impact. Her leadership qualities and ability to tell compelling stories have made her a trusted figure in the industry, and her capacity to excel even in high-pressure situations is evident.

Throughout her illustrious career, Goerner has consistently demonstrated her knack for building connections with viewers. Her on-air presence exudes relatability and credibility, capturing the audience’s attention and fostering a sense of engagement.

Furthermore, Goerner is characterized by her willingness to pose challenging questions to individuals in influential positions. Her curiosity knows no bounds, and she actively seeks to unearth and share information that resonates with the audience’s interests and concerns.

As Annette Goerner embarks on this new phase of her professional journey, the broadcasting world eagerly anticipates her next endeavors and the contributions she will undoubtedly make. Her commitment to delivering impactful news remains unwavering, and her dedication to providing the audience with relevant, meaningful insights is a testament to her lasting influence in the field.

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Is Annette Goerner Leaving CTV News?

Amidst Annette Goerner’s flourishing journalism career, there’s a current buzz among fans and followers seeking information about her impending retirement. The news of her departure from CTV News has triggered numerous inquiries and speculations, as netizens are avidly discussing her potential exit.

The online community’s sentiments regarding this news appear to be mixed, with some expressing discontent and skepticism, while others ponder the possibility of it being mere rumors. To address these concerns definitively, it’s important to clarify that the reports are indeed accurate—Annette Goerner is bidding farewell to her role at CTV News.

This development has been formally confirmed, with the journalist herself taking to social media to share the news. On her Instagram handle, Annette Goerner posted a heartfelt announcement on Friday, August 4, wherein she revealed her decision to step down from her position as the host of CTV News.

Annette Goerner’s journey with CTV News spans an impressive 23 years. Throughout her tenure, her presence within the broader CTV family, encompassing both radio and television stations, has garnered a substantial following of devoted fans. The outpouring of love and support she has received from her audience has been a testament to the impact she has made as a journalist.

As the news reverberates through social media, the comment section of Annette Goerner’s Instagram account has become a space filled with messages from her fans. Many of these messages express a sense of sadness and disappointment at the prospect of their favorite journalist leaving the show that they have grown accustomed to and admired.

Annette Goerner’s departure from CTV News undoubtedly marks a significant chapter in her illustrious career. Her legacy as a seasoned journalist, coupled with the impact she has had on her audience, serves as a reminder of the dynamic relationship between media personalities and their dedicated viewers. While change is inevitable, the memories and contributions that Annette Goerner leaves behind will continue to resonate within the realms of journalism and broadcasting.

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Annette Goerner leaving CTV News
Annette Goerner officially announced her departure from the CTV news after serving 23 years. (Source: Instagram)


Following Annette Goerner’s announcement of her departure on her Instagram handle, curiosity among fans surged as they sought insights into her next steps. Speculations have arisen, with many wondering whether she will make appearances on other shows or networks.

At this juncture, Annette Goerner has chosen to keep her plans under wraps, leaving her fans in anticipation of her next move. The question of whether she will venture into a new network or take on new projects in the future remains open-ended.

On her Instagram handle, Goerner shared a candid reflection on her decision to step down as the host of CTV. She expressed that her heart and body have reached a point where they signal that it’s time for her to transition from her longstanding role in the field.

Annette’s sentiments have given hints that she intends to take a well-deserved hiatus from her active career, intending to dedicate time to herself and her family. The prospect of a departure from the limelight signifies her desire for rejuvenation and a reconnection with the aspects of life beyond the professional realm.

In the days to come, Annette Goerner might unveil more details about her plans, offering a glimpse into her path post-CTV. Until then, her future endeavors remain veiled in a certain level of mystery, leaving her fans intrigued by the potential chapters that await her journey.

Annette Goerner in her station.

Picture of Annette Goerner and Rosey Ugo Edeh from CTV Morning Live. (Source: Instagram)

In light of Annette Goerner’s extensive professional journey, especially her role as one of the enduring hosts on CTV news, it’s natural to speculate about her net worth, assuming it to be substantial.

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Annette’s net worth is conservatively estimated to be around $1.5 million. This figure, a testament to her long-standing career in journalism, reflects her achievements, dedication, and contribution to the broadcasting field.

Her primary income source is her illustrious journalistic career, which spans numerous years and has positioned her as a recognized anchor and reporter. With her wealth of experience, Annette Goerner has not only earned recognition but also a significant financial reward.

Beyond her journalism career, Annette is known for her active participation in charitable endeavors. She is an advocate for causes such as the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and the Ottawa Humane Society, exemplifying her commitment to making a positive impact on her community.

Notably, Annette’s dedication and excellence have been acknowledged through accolades like the RTNDA Award for her documentary on Juvenile Diabetes. This recognition further underscores her multifaceted contributions to the realm of journalism.



Annette Goerner net worth
Annette Goerner with Logan Heroes and his parents on his 14th birthday. (Source: Instagram)

Through her social media presence, particularly on Instagram under the handle @annettegoerner, Annette Goerner provides glimpses into her well-rounded lifestyle. Her interactions with fans and her sharing of moments from her life reveal not only her professional accomplishments but also her personality and interests.

In essence, Annette Goerner’s net worth reflects not only her financial success but also the impact she has had on the field of journalism, her community engagement, and her role as a public figure.

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