Kind People Saving Puppy Stuck In An Exhaust Pipe Will Brighten Your Day

When humanity comes together, there are very few things that can’t be achieved.

The epic video showing a puppy being freed from an exhaust pipe by a heroic group of rescuers is one of those victorious moments in life that show the true power of humankind.

Sparing no time or love, these giant-hearted rescuers responded timely to save one innocent life – and they got nothing but pure joy in return.

This is the full story!

A Helpless Pup Looking For Help

dog stuck in exhaust pipe
Source: ViralHog

A small puppy was found trapped in an exhaust pipe with his tiny head poking out. Nobody knows how he got himself into this situation, but he seemed completely helpless and quite confused.

He was lying on the ground until a group of giant-hearted rescuers gathered around to help the poor canine out. 

men helping the stuck dog
Source: ViralHog

They first evaluated the whole situation and saw that their only choice was to cut the pipe open in order to get him out. The problem was that the puppy’s body was up against the pipe very tightly, meaning that any wrong movement could hurt him.

But, the team had no other choice, as there was no way for the dog to get out by himself, or to slither out of the pipe. 

Heroic Crew To The Rescue 

close-up photo of dog stuck in exhaust pipe
Source: ViralHog

It was a joint process where all three men played crucial roles. Two men held down the pipe while the other one tried to widen it. 

They started cutting along the pipe to widen the area around the pup’s body first. Even though they used an industrial, scissor-style tool during the process, the crew members were very careful along the way, making sure they didn’t harm the puppy in any way.

A few minutes later, the biggest part of the pup’s body was freed from the pipe. Still, the neck part was the most complex part of the rescue.

The dog’s head was still trapped, and there was no way to cut the pipe in that area. Instead, the crew needed to resort to another method.

dog standing next to exhaust pipe
Source: ViralHog

They covered the dog’s head in soap for lubrication, and then tried to push its snout out of the pipe. The pup didn’t budge throughout the whole process, but you could just tell that he was in pain, as he closed his eyes while the rescuers tried to free him.

One of the rescuers attempted to gently push him back through the pipe, but it was almost impossible. Eventually, he pushed hard on his snout, and within seconds the pup was out of the pipe!

man holding dog
Source: ViralHog

The moment when the pup was finally freed left every person who gathered around filled with so much joy and happiness! The poor baby boi was finally out of danger, and he looked so relieved.

We are so happy that he finally got out, and we are hoping that this sweet boi is now in a cozy home, spending his finest moments in a well-deserved home, far away from all the trouble!

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