Kind Rescuer Finds A Shocking Surprise Inside A Green Box In The Middle Of Nowhere

When people think of getting rid of their puppies, the most common method is usually to surrender them to a shelter so they are no longer their problem.

However, it isn’t always so simple. Sometimes, shelters are overcrowded, and people left without options or patience will cruelly dump the puppies on the street and leave them to survive on their own until someone finds them.

In this story, we will talk about tiny puppies who were just left in the middle of nowhere, with no way to survive on their own.

What’s In The Box

green box on the ground
Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

It was a very hot day when one of the residents from Anson County, North Carolina, came across a green box at the edge of the woods.

The Good Samaritan got closer and saw that there were five small puppies trapped in the box. 

Somebody had just left them there, and the worst part of all is that it was incredibly hot outside, which meant that the pups wouldn’t have had a lot of time unless someone found them.

puppies in a cage on the ground
Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

They were too small and fragile to climb out of it themselves, so they needed help. Luckily, for them, the Good Samaritan took a crate, got all of the puppies in it, and gave them some food and water.

After he made sure that they regained some of their strength, he decided to look for help.

A Brand New Chapter For The Pups

a woman holds a puppy in her hand
Source: Debbie Gloeckner

The next step was to transfer them to the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC vet partner in North Carolina.

Jackie O’Sullivan told The Dodo: They were weak and dehydrated and apparently had a funny smell. One was not doing well so we feared parvo, but after some fluids, baths and good nutrition, so far all five are doing OK.

At the vet, they determined that the puppies were around 6 weeks old, and they named them: Sullivan, Snoopy, Sanders, Simon, and Sassafrass.

They received a full checkup, vaccinations, and fluids, and underwent a deworming procedure. After some time had passed, they had started recovering well.

portrait of a puppy sitting on a man's lap
Source: Debbie Gloeckner

O’Sullivan said: They are lucky they were found in time.

After recovery, they were sent to foster care where they waited for adoption. While it’s unclear if they were adopted, I am fairly certain that somebody has stepped in by now and taken the puppies to their forever home.

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