Litter Of 8 Husky Puppies Who Were Dumped At Shelter’s Doorstep Saved From Euthanasia 

Eight innocent, three-week-old Husky puppies faced certain euthanasia after being dumped at the shelter’s doorstep in Central California. 

Due to an overpopulation crisis at the shelter and the absence of their mom, their future looked grim.

However, against all odds, a ray of hope pierced through the darkness just in time for Christmas. 

Rescued From Despair

little husky puppies
Source: Street Dog Hero

These newborn puppies were cruelly dumped at the shelter’s doorstep in a cupboard without their mom. 

Unfortunately, the shelter in Redding, northern California, was already overpopulated with over 380 dogs in their care, and they just didn’t have any space or means to take care of eight more growing puppies. 

Because of the overpopulation crisis this shelter was facing, the whole litter was going to be euthanized, which was heartbreaking. 

In a final endeavor, the shelter urgently appealed to their partnering facility in Bend, Oregon, seeking assistance in accepting the eight endearing puppies.

Thankfully, Street Dog Hero, a nonprofit animal rescue organization, decided to step in and rescue these sweet angels. 

adorable husky puppy in hand
Source: Street Dog Hero

“They reached out to us to see if we had space. So our team drove the 9 hours, round trip down to Redding, CA and back to Bend on Sunday to meet with the rescue partner and picked up the 8 puppies,” SDH posted on Facebook.  

All eight puppies are thankfully safe now and waiting in their foster homes until they are old enough to be adopted.  

According to their website, Street Dog Hero is a foster-based rescue organization where they rescue dogs locally and all around the world, place them in foster homes, provide them with veterinary care, and then find them wonderful forever homes. 

The puppies are still yet to be named, but the most important thing is that they are safe and in loving homes, and will not be euthanized. 

If you’d like to adopt one of the puppies once they are old enough, you can head over to the shelter’s website and fill out a general adoption application, or help them take care of the many dogs by donating. 

Overpopulation Crisis

a girl posing with husky puppies
Source: Street Dog Hero

According to Street Dog Hero, the situation at the shelter in Redding, California, is just terrible. 

In fact, many shelters around the country are seeing an increase in dogs being surrendered, and they just can’t cope with the high numbers. 

“The overpopulation crisis at this shelter in California is currently so bad that earlier this month, The City Council voted that the shelter would be reducing intake because the over capacity issue had gotten so out of control,” the SDH wrote. 

At one point, the shelter had over 600 animals at their facility and the number was just growing each day. 

With too many dogs in the system, and sadly, not enough space for all of them, the shelters are helpless and have to euthanize the poor animals.

cute husky puppy
Source: Street Dog Hero

Two shelters in Los Angeles County have doubled their euthanasia rates this year, the Los Angeles Times reported, and sadly, many other shelters in the state face a similar situation.

“Right now, we’re committed to trying to help solve the overpopulation problem here in the U.S. and abroad. It starts at the source by offering low-cost spay/neuter services and helping offload as many dogs as we can from high-risk shelters across the country that are maxed out on space and have nowhere for these dogs to go,” Kristen Elrod, Street Dog Hero’s Excutive Director, told Newsweek. 

Whenever feasible, please opt for adoption to save a life.

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