Little Dog Starts Jumping Out Of Excitement When She Sees Something In Her New Home

Moving out, changing homes, and accepting new people and surroundings is tough for all of us, especially for our dogs.

If you thought your dog won’t even notice the change you’re putting him through, think again.

Not only do they notice things around them, but dogs also feel something is wrong or different.

Even if you’re going through something you’re considering minor, make sure you make your dog feel included. They really don’t need any unnecessary stress. 

The family of Christy, a small Westie from Florida, was going through a major change: 

They were moving into a new home.

How do you think Christy took the change?

Is That Really For Me?

a small dog stands in front of the balcony door and looks out
Source: Youtube

The new and improved house really left everyone in Christy’s family speechless. They all loved the change! It was much more spacious than their last home, and it featured some pretty sweet things. 

One of them caught Christy’s eye and made her jump with happiness.

No, it wasn’t the big yard or the hardwood floors so she could hear her little feet go tap, tap.

It wasn’t the neighborhood either no matter how friendly everyone was. This pooch was able to make friends everywhere. 

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The one thing that really blew Christy’s mind was…

… the pool! 

As most family homes in Florida, Christy’s new place had a lovely pool inviting you to just dip into and relax. 

The moment this sweet girl saw it through the closed glass door, she started jumping up in the air, showing her excitement. 

When dad asked her if that was her pool, Christy started spinning in circles, squealing, wagging her tail mercilessly, and begging to go outside.

That little Westie couldn’t wait to take the first dip in her new pool. 

Her dad saw how desperate she was to get inside that pool, so he opened the door for her. 

Oh, the speed! Oh, the rush! Christy stamped outside with an incredible speed and jumped into that pool as if her life depended on it.

a small dog swims in the pool
Source: Youtube

The little ball of white fluff turned into a little white mouse because Christy immediately started swimming laps back and forth, enjoying her pool. 

Then, she went outside and found a place to jump into the pool once again. She was on cloud nine and that cloud had a pool! 

Getting a house with a pool was an excellent idea. Swimming, and water therapy in general, is super beneficial for dogs and a terrific form of exercise.

That day, Christy felt the happiest in her life. The change was good for her and her family. The change brought them so much joy and a place where they could all chill out and unwind. 

Well, that is, if Christy allows them to get into her pool. But, seeing what a good girl she is, I’m sure she won’t mind sharing it with her beloved ones. 

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