Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave The Spot Where His Family Abandoned Him

When thinking of words that best characterize the virtues of a dog, I think that the first thing that comes to mind for a lot of people is loyalty.

Their unshaking belief in us is almost naive sometimes, but also beautiful, and it’s precisely what makes them man’s best friend. 

In this story, we will talk about a loyal dog who was abandoned by his owner and was holding out hope that someone would come back for him.

An Exhausted Dog

abandoned dog
Source: YouTube

When an animal rescuer saw a dog walking next to a bus stop where she was at, it was clear that he needed help.

The woman noticed that the dog seemed very hungry and exhausted. She decided to follow him and see where he would go.

Soon, they arrived at what looked like a car parking spot, and there was a small bed where he was sleeping, with a bowl of stale food right next to it.

Apparently, after asking the people who live in the neighborhood, the woman was told that this dog was abandoned there and refuses to leave.

poor dog left out
Source: YouTube

The poor animal is still hoping his owner will return to him, but unfortunately, he doesn’t know the harsh truth.

The woman who was his rescuer now realized that he just can’t stay there, so she decided to help him.

Thanks to the help of other people, they took the dog and carefully placed him into her car. Now that he was inside, they had to take him to a veterinarian clinic where he would receive help.

A Road To Recovery 

dog laying on the ground alone
Source: YouTube

When they finally arrived at the vet, the dog seemed to be pretty calm, and he didn’t make a fuss about having to go through certain medical procedures.

It was likely due to the fact that he had probably done it many times before and just got used to it.

At first look, it was clear he had worms and psychological problems from living in such awful conditions for a long time.

The vets gave him some medications, so that he could take them at home. When he was finally in his new house, the woman who rescued him gave him some food.

He vomited some of it, so she gave him some liquid food, which he enjoyed and it didn’t upset his stomach.

However, the problems would not stop. He continued vomiting after eating, so the woman took him to the vet again for an ultrasound and the results were not good.

A Brand-New Start

dog on the field
Source: YouTube

He had stomach inflammation and poor kidneys, which is what was causing him to throw up his food so often.

The veterinarians told his rescuer that he would have to stay there a few days for his treatment. She would eagerly wait throughout his recovery.

When the time was finally right, he was allowed to leave the hospital. His rescuer, or rather, new owner, had decided to shop for some delicious dog food.

After they were home, she realized that he needed a new name, so she named him Ryzhik.

Despite the psychological turmoil he went through after being left by his real owner, this sweet dog was now finally on the road to recovery.

He gets to continue living his best life with someone who truly cares for him and would never abandon him.

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