Mama Dog Who Was Sheltering Her Litter In A Cardboard Box Got Rescued In The Last Moment

Just put yourself in her shoes!

You’re a new mom with six new babies, and you have no idea what to do next. All you want is to rest, but your babies need you. You need to be strong for them.

How can someone be strong where there’s no roof over their head?

How can someone be strong when each minute could bring a disaster?

With the sky pouring rain, and no kind soul to take them in, this mommy dog only had the warmth of her body to keep her little ones safe. 

But, that wasn’t enough, no matter how much she loved them.

She knew the cardboard box someone gave them to hide for the night wasn’t enough. 

All this poor creature could do was tremble and worry all night long about how to survive the next day. 

Then, the clouds disappeared and light finally shined through for this good gal.

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stray black dog lying in a cardboard box
Source: Dog Rescue Shelter

The morning after the heavy rain, rescuers got a phone call from one of the neighbors, saying there’s a mommy dog and six pups that need to be rescued asap. 

People from the street had given her food and water, and a small cardboard box as a shelter underneath a car. 

Still, although their intentions were good, this little family couldn’t live like that. They needed a home and someone to look after them. Mommy was doing a good job, but even moms need some help.

When one of the rescuers approached the mommy dog, she was clearly in distress. She was too afraid to move, and paralyzed with thoughts of what could happen to her little ones if she got up.

Her kind eyes showed a glimpse of hope that whoever this was approaching her might be her savior. It was too unbelievable to her to actually think it could be true.

Luring her out from their temporary home was mission impossible. 

So, the rescuers tried with food. That always works.

And, it did work! 

The moment she took a bite out of the rescuer’s food, they all knew saving this little family would go smoothly.

man feeding the stray dog
Source: Dog Rescue Shelter

One by one, she took bits of food, building up her trust in the human race again. 

She allowed him to pull out their cardboard home from under the car, so he could easily access the puppies and put them in the carrier. Mommy dog stood before him, waiting patiently for her puppies to be put in a safe carrier.

Still, they needed to put a leash on mommy, but that seemed a bit tricky. She was a street dog; never used to having anything around her neck.

The food and her pups served as bait to get her closer, which she eventually came. Mommy allowed her rescuer to stroke her coat gently in order to prove to her that he had good intentions. 

She didn’t budge when he grabbed her by the scruff of her neck. He lifted the lucky momma up and took her to a crate in their minivan. Soon, all her puppies joined her in the crate, and her mind was eased.

The happy family was reunited again, hoping to face a better future together.

black stray dog and the puppies
Source: Dog Rescue Shelter

Four boys, two girls, and their mom were nestled in the shelter, surrounded by love and care from their savior. 

photo of the dog feeding the puppies
Source: Dog Rescue Shelter

The good news is that the shelter they went to is 100% non-euthanizing and fully ran on donations. 

If you could spare a couple of bucks to help this brave man save even more pups in need, then donate here. 

I know tons of happy little paws that would be eternally grateful for your small contribution. 

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