Mama Dogs Who Helped Each Other Raise 18 Pups Are Finally Looking For A Furever Home

In different life situations, it is possible to create strong bonds that last a lifetime. Nevertheless, through the most difficult times, friendships are created that become unbreakable.

Two mama dogs have just gone through such moments, bringing into the world and raising 18 little puppies together.

After that, they became inseparable.

Two Mama Dogs Were In A Shocking State

collage of pictures with a dog and puppies
Source: BC SPCA via Newsweek 

At the end of October 2023, the BC SPCA received two mother dogs into their shelter. They had just given birth to 18 puppies – two litters with 9 fur babies each. 

When their animal protection officer found them on one property, what he discovered was beyond anything he could have imagined. 

In addition to having to care for their babies alone, these female dogs were extremely malnourished and neglected. 

“The dogs received very little, if any food,” said Eileen Drever, senior animal protection officer for the BC SPCA. “It appears the owner left the dogs and puppies outside to fend for themselves with no visible food or water.”

She also said that the eighteen puppies were found huddled together in a completely inadequate, makeshift dog house surrounded by hazards, including sharp chicken wire.

These were not conditions in which even a single dog could live, let alone a mother who had to take care of her babies.

That’s why they simply had to react, and quickly.

They Required Emergency Care

a mother dog is being nursed by her puppies
Source: BC SPCA via Newsweek 

“When dogs like these arrive, they often require emergency care and medical treatment. They may be riddled with parasites, under-weight, covered in matted fur and waste, or any of the other common problems we encounter,”  BC SPCA stated. 

Derver said that two moms, named Goldie and Honey, had very low body scores – two out of nine. Their ribs, hips, and spines were clearly visible. 

“An animal protection officer observed the puppies trying to suckle, but the moms were so malnourished they did not have enough milk to feed this large number of puppies,” Derver said. 

Because of this, the veterinarian put the moms on a very specific refeeding plan. Giving food and water little by little over a period of time was the only way for them to recover.

The puppies were also underweight, but not as severely as their moms – with a body score of four out of nine. 

the vet is holding a black and white puppy in his hand
Source: spca.bc

“The puppies were all suffering from diarrhea and were lethargic,” says Drever. “In a rare case for puppies this young, one had a urinary tract infection that is being treated with antibiotics.”

Despite everything, both Goldie and Honey as well as their little babies were recovering slowly but successfully. 

They Didn’t Have The Heart To Separate Them

two brown dogs are lying next to each other on the bed

About a month after they were received in the shelter, the BC SPCA posted some good news on their official Facebook page. 

“Thank you for showing these two brave moms and their 18 puppies that they deserve love. They will never have to go hungry again because of you; we are so grateful,” they wrote. 

The BC SPCA thanked all the big-hearted people who donated money for the recovery of these two big families. Considering the results, there are still a lot of good people out there.

In addition to that, they announced that the puppies, as well as the mother dogs, were ready for adoption.

However, they emphasized that the shelter will only accept applications from people who are willing to adopt Goldie and Honey together.

These two “Super Moms”, as they called them, have been through so much together that their bond has become unbreakable. The two became one soul and two bodies, where without one, there is no other.

We believe that an adopter will be found who will recognize this and give these two brave moms the happy life together that they deserve.

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