Man Couldn’t Believe What His Parrot Was Hiding In A Hollow Bark

When a farmer by the name of Josemar Milli, and his wife, were traveling along a forested area near their home, they saw something quite strange.

Standing by a fallen tree, and stranded in the middle of nowhere on the cold ground, were two helpless baby parrots.

The couple, unable to just leave them, decided to help them, not knowing what would happen next.

Unusual Rescue

man with a parrot on his shoulder
Source: @joseheber2

After they brought the baby parrots to their warm home, Josemar and his wife took care of them until they reached maturity.

Unfortunately, one of the birds became independent and flew away, never to be seen again. However, the other one decided to hang out with the farmer and his family for a bit longer.

“We named her Louro. She was never caged. She just never wanted to leave,” Josemar told The Dodo.

photo of a parrot
Source: @joseheber2

Louro is a free bird and has the ability to come and go whenever she pleases; Josemar’s shoulder will always be there for her to land on.

Shocking Discovery

However, Louro started acting strange recently. Even though she would fly away during the day to explore the world, she always came back at nightfall.

But, this soon changed.

“Louro has always slept at home, but then, for three nights, she slept somewhere else. And during the day, she started staying near this [hollow] wooden fencepost,” stated Josemar.

Even though Josemar knew that Louro had made a nest in the hollow post in which she loved hanging out, her change of behavior piqued his interest. Josemar decided to find out what was keeping his lovely parrot so close to this place.

What he saw shocked him.


♬ som original – Josemar heber Schmidt Milli

It seems that Louro decided to adopt a litter of three adorable kittens.

Josemar suspected that one of the neighborhood cats gave birth in Louro’s nest, abandoning them soon after. Luckily, Louro gave her best to get Josemar’s attention, and ultimately save the kittens.

Josemar initially tried to reintroduce the kittens to their mother, who continued to reject them. However, Louro couldn’t stay away from them.


♬ som original – Josemar heber Schmidt Milli

New Family Members

Josemar and his family decided that the kittens Louro adopted should be in their care as well. Even the family cat decided to step in and help.

“We brought them home and are taking care of them,” said Josemar.


♬ som original – Josemar heber Schmidt Milli

Thanks to this incredible parrot, the three kittens not only survived, but also found a loving home.

“My daughters will be keeping them,” he added.

three girls holding kittens
Source: @joseheber2

It’s incredible to see how somebody who was rescued decided to do the exact same thing, knowing what an impact that makes.

Louro was showered with love and affection as soon as she came into the Milli family, and she decided to give all of that love back to somebody who needed it most.

Louro, you are incredible!

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