Man Finds His Stolen Dogs Just Days Before He Was About To Be Euthanized

Finding your long-lost dog just days before it was to be put to sleep must seem like a true miracle, right? Well, a man from West Palm Beach, Florida, has experienced this exact miracle. 

Barry Gearhart had his 8-year-old Pitbull, named Titan, stolen from his truck.

According to Barry, that was certainly the “worst day of his life.”

Titan Was Missing For A Year 

dog lying on the carpet has been stolen
Source: Barry Gearhart

Barry Gearhart has had Titan since he was a puppy, and he was completely horrified when someone stole his precious baby from his truck. 

“The worst day of my life had occurred. I looked in the truck. It was empty. It was quiet,” Barry said in an interview with WPBF 25 News.

He searched for his beloved Pitbull everywhere, but sadly, he would always come up empty. 

Barry and his friends plastered Titan’s posters around the city, and posted several pictures on social media alongside desperate pleas, but city-wide efforts unfortunately turned up nothing

man and his dog in the car
Source: Barry Gearhart

“I cried every day for a year for this dog,” Barry said.  

He blamed himself for leaving Titan in his truck, and it broke his heart. 

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Eventually, he found out that a security guard near his truck had seen a man leading the dog that looked like Titan away, so Barry knew that Titan was definitely stolen. 

This senior dog was missing for a whole year without any clue as to where he could be when something remarkable happened. 

A Tale Of Hope And Second Chances

pitbull dog sitting on the  rug
Source: Barry Gearhart

Like a true loving parent, Barry never gave up. Even though it seemed almost impossible, he had always hoped that his little furry boy would come back home. 

This is why, almost a year after Titan went missing, Barry posted, once again, a picture of Titan on the Loxahatchee Lost And Found Pets Facebook group. 

A volunteer at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control saw the post and thought that Titan looked exactly like one of their rescues, named Hank. 

Hank was an elderly Pitbull that was found wandering West Palm Beach streets and was brought to the shelter by animal control officers. 

He was even adopted once; hence, the name, Hank, but the family surrendered him to the shelter because he didn’t act the way they wanted him to. 

Despite putting Hank through socialization classes, he went weeks without any adoption application. 

Eventually, Hank was labeled as a “failure” and was scheduled for euthanization in just TWO DAYS. 

Tears Of Joy

man crying for his dog
Source: Barry Gearhart

The clock was ticking for Hank, but as soon as Barry found out there was a possibility that his dog might be at the animal shelter, he rushed to check it out. 

In a true race against time and despite all the odds, Hank was indeed the missing dog named Titan. 

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After one year without his dad, there was Titan, standing in the kennel of the animal shelter – a true miracle. 

As soon as Barry said, “Hey, boy”, Hank/Titan jumped up and started barking and wagging his tail. 

“He turned up. He’s here,” Barry said, immediately crying. 

Seeing Titan’s reaction to his owner’s voice, there was no doubt in the world that this was Barry’s long-lost dog. 

Take a look at the emotional reunion: 

Titan was so happy to be back at his real home and with his dad who never gave up. 

“This is really a miracle,” Barry said while happily playing with his beloved Pitbull.  

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