Matted Dog Gets A 5-Hour Haircut And Shocks Everyone With His Amazing Transformation

When a shelter with over 400 dogs got shot down due to terrible conditions, The Animal Pad Dog Rescue, based in La Mesa, San Diego, got custody of all the dogs at the drop of a hat.

Since then, they have been struggling to save the dogs from really awful and sad conditions

According to Julie Brow, a co-director of events of The Animal Pad Shelter, “some parts of the pound looked like a graveyard with dogs literally starving to death.” 

One of those dogs was Lenny, and sadly, he endured years of neglect. 

Meet Lenny 

very matted rescue dog
Source: The Animal Pad Dog Rescue

According to The Animal Pad Dog Rescue, Lenny came into the pound with a group of Terrier mixes who all were in terrible shape. 

Lenny, however, looked worse than the others, as he was neglected for years and completely matted. 

“Lenny was priority. We took him out and got to work. It was so bad. Fleas and ticks galore,” the shelter wrote in their Instagram post. 

He looked really miserable, and he had to be completely shaved. Also, he smelled very bad due to pure neglect. 

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Although Lenny was a dog who hadn’t been petted, loved, or even shown affection in a very long time, he was incredibly thankful for the help. 

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As they shaved his matted hair, he melted into his rescuer’s lap and started to give them kisses. 

When hair is so dirty like Lenny’s was, it is very hard to shave it off, plus it pulls on the dog’s skin and causes them pain. 

He was simply unrecognizable after the haircut. 

close-up photo of a dog wearing green shirt
Source: @schneider.c.j

When they cut the very last matt from his ear, Lenny looked like a completely different dog. The haircut lasted for FIVE HOURS.  

Foster Home Turned Forever  

rescue dog lying on little boy
Source: @schneider.c.j

Since Lenny had been through so much in his short life, the rescue thought that at least they could find him the very best foster home. 

And, they couldn’t have chosen any better one because Christina Schneider and her family not only agreed to foster, but they eventually fell in love with Lenny so much that they ended up adopting him. 

“We fell in love with the little goofball on day one, and I just had to negotiate being able to continue fostering with my hubby. He has become somewhat of an emotional support for my husband, follows him like a little shadow. They are having a big love affair. Consider him spoiled rotten for the rest of his life!” Christina told The Animal Pad.  

It was simply meant to be. 

Lenny was so afraid of men, but when he first arrived at the Schneider household, he immediately walked to the husband, put his paws on him, and started licking his face. 

It was love at first sight for everyone. 

“It’s worth it to take a chance on these dogs,” Christina told The Dodo. 

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From now on, it’s only happiness for little Lenny – now known as Louie. He lived through hell, but thanks to these amazing people, he has a new leash on life. 

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If you want to help, please consider fostering, volunteering, adopting, or donating. The Animal Pad Rescue needs your help in saving more dogs just like Lenny. You can reach them here.

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