Matted Stray Puppy Transforms Into A Brand New Dog After Being Rescued

One of the aspects of dogs that we take for granted too often is his trust in us and our ability to do the right thing.

While they are not naturally trusting of humans, they develop a meaningful bond with people a lot faster than with other animals.

This is why it’s tragic to see that trust broken by humans, only for dogs to end up traumatized by simply being near another human being.

The dog we will be talking about has gone through similar hardships, but is still looking for his happy ending.

 An Uneasy Trust

a terrified and injured dog is standing on the street
Source: Youtube

A woman named Prue Bali was just driving in her car when she saw an injured and scared dog near the road.

It was the pup’s lucky day because Prue is a member of the organization called Mission Pawsible, and their job is to rescue stray animals.

She got out of the car and tried to help the dog, but he was terrified of people and just kept moving.

The woman followed her in the car and found the place where she was staying. 

The dog continued avoiding Prue, but got stuck in one of the branches, which gave her an opening to grab the dog.

Prue said for The Dodo: It’s almost like the stars aligned. Someone was looking down and was like: Okay, we’re gonna trap you for a second so that you can have a better life. This woman’s here to help you.

She proceeded by pulling out her leash and putting it around the dog’s neck. The dog was very hesitant and offered resistance, but eventually he just accepted the help and got in the car.

a rescued dog in the trunk of a car
Source: Youtube

Prue continued by saying: She just stopped fighting when she was in the car. It’s like her whole body just let out a massive sigh, and she was like, ‘ugh’. I don’t need to fight anymore. I think I’m okay.

I’d already made the assumption that she was used for breeding and they’d thrown her away because she was of no purpose anymore.

A Shining New Beauty

the rescued dog cuddles with the owner
Source: Youtube

After being taken to a shelter, she was taken into foster care by Jullie, who grew fond of her quickly.

They tried to make her as comfortable as possible before giving her a complete makeover.

Jullie said: I look at her now, and I think: wow. It’s so good that we can give her this fun, loving, cuddly life she so deserves, and she just absorbs it.

She slowly rejuvenated from her injuries, her fur grew back completely, and she is now a stunning and beautiful dog.

It’s so amazing to see a sad and untrusting dog slowly accept the fact that his new owners love him and only want what’s best for him. 

There is no doubt in my mind that she has found her forever home, and I only wish all the best for them.

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