Meet One-Of-A-Kind Doggo That Faints Every Time He Gets Excited

Dogs, just like people, can have various health problems. Although they are not so common, neurological disorders can make life miserable for a dog, as well as for its owner.

However, a fainting dog from today’s story proved how to always look at life as a glass half full and not half empty.

That’s the only way to walk through life with a smile on your face and to make others smile. He lived that way until the end. 

Ducks Were His Weakest Point

dog laying on the ground on the back
Source: @petrifiedpete

When Emma and her family adopted one 11-month-old Cocker Spaniel, they had no idea what a special dog they were getting. 

They soon found out that Peter, as they called him, had a unique condition that caused him to pass out whenever he got too excited. 

He would just freeze and fall over during an episode, which would last for a few minutes. It could happen at the oddest times, like when he would cross from grass to a concrete surface. 

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The ducks were his weakest point. If he saw just one duck, even from afar, he would get so excited that he would immediately roll over on the floor. 

Although Emma and her family were initially concerned about all this, they soon realized that their Petrified Pete was living his best life in his own unique way.

He Lived Life With A Smile

dog chasing bird
Source: @petrifiedpete

Despite his condition, he was always full of life and love, spreading joy wherever he went. Still, they wanted to find out what exactly it was about and what drove Peter to this behavior.

“Peters condition? We don’t know at the moment,” Emma said for WeLoveAnimals,” His vet has mentioned cataplexy, narcolepsy, etc., but most probably the fainting goat syndrome.”

However, according to Emma, the vet was pretty confident that Peter was not in any pain and that he could easily live his life with the condition. 

And, truly, Peter lived like that. He was a playful pup who loved to cuddle with his parents, and loved children very much. 

dog and baby
Source: @petrifiedpete and @petrifiedpete

There were also animals that did not excite him so much, which would not cause him to faint, and he constantly liked to be near them. Cats were his dearest creatures. 

“But cats were not so impressed,” Emma said with a laugh. 

Although he wasn’t so fond of cats, everyone else loved him very much and it wasn’t hard to see why.

Peter was a very resilient dog. “When he does fall over, it doesn’t seem to bother him like the tail still wagging and he’s still living his life. He just flops back over, gets back up, and carries on running around like nothing ever happened.”

It was a lifestyle that simply delighted people.

He Remained Himself Until The End

dog sitting outside
Source: @petrifiedpete

“A very sad post I hoped I’d never have to make.” read the beginning of the saddest post that Emma had to write on her Instagram profile in a lifetime. 

Sadly, their Peter had his last and forever faint. At just 2 and a half years old, he had to cross the rainbow bridge. 

However, this brave boy was his happy, loving, and lively self until the very end. After each fall, he stood up bravely and continued, and did not let anyone or anything spoil his happiness and positive energy.

In the end, he taught us all how to fight in life to the very end and remain yourself despite all the difficulties.

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