Miracle Puppy Born With Only Two Legs Beats Every Challenge Along The Way

Some dogs are nothing but a true inspiration to all of us! 

The amount of resilience and enthusiasm they have can’t be put into words, and the only thing that we can do is admire their unbelievable strength.

One such story comes from Florida. A two-legged pup, Noelle, has been battling various challenges her whole life, yet she has never, ever given up! This miracle girl has been beating the odds since the moment she was born, and she’s not intending to stop any time soon!

Noelle’s Backstory

tiny miracle puppy held in hand
Source: LoveyLoaves

Cheri and Ward Wells, dog lovers and long-time special-needs dog rescuers of LoveyLoaves, from Orlando, Florida, received a call about Noelle some five years ago. 

It was the day before Christmas Eve, and a family told them that they had a litter of Chi puppies with some birth defects. Only a couple weeks old, little Noelle, who was among them, was born without front legs. 

Her mom rejected her and refused to care for her, so the family decided to surrender her to a shelter. Cheri and Ward didn’t think twice, and they immediately welcomed Noelle into her temporary foster home.

puppy born with two legs
Source: LoveyLoaves

“It’s much too early for her to be separated from mom, but the alternatives were not good. So we named our new Christmas angel Noelle and have been bottle feeding her around the clock and showering her with love,” LoveyLoaves wrote in a Facebook post.

Noelle required a lot of care from the very first day. She needed to be bottle-fed with formula every few hours, and the couple did their best to help this tiny pup.

A few weeks later, Noelle started to suffer from trembling, vomiting, and shortness of breath. The couple medicated her with nebulizer treatments for a while to avoid pneumonia, but only days later, the tests showed that she had a dairy intolerance.

Cheri and Ward were relieved knowing that her condition wasn’t serious, and now Noelle was finally ready to take on her puppyhood with full potential!

Inspiring Journey

miracle dog lying on its back
Source: LoveyLoaves

In the beginning, she didn’t really know how to move. All she did was inch and push around, and the couple wasn’t sure how she was going to move at all.

Cheri and Ward came up with the idea of getting Noelle specially-designed wheels. They wanted to get the process started as soon as possible, so it would become natural for her – and they were right!

Even though she needed some time to figure out how to use them, she soon embraced her wheels like she always had them!

dog with two legs using walking wheels
Source: LoveyLoaves

Finally, Noelle started running outside and enjoying her freedom with other doggos. It was such an emotional sight seeing her finally move (almost) without obstacles.

The biggest milestone was her finally learning how to eat from an elevated food dish.

Once a timid girl out of her element, Noelle is now a fully confident girl ready to take on new adventures. She gained the confidence she needed and soon became the boss of the house.

She even started hopping back and forth on a bed, looking for cuddles from her pawrents.

miracle dog surrounded by people
Source: LoveyLoaves

Being such an integral part of their lives, Cheri and Ward knew that they couldn’t let Noelle go. This inspiring Chi became a beautiful foster fail and finally settled down into her forever home – next to her mom and dad.

Today, Noelle steals hearts wherever she goes. She even became a special-needs dog ambassador!

“We couldn’t have a better ambassador for special needs dogs than this lil’ chi. She is so chill, patient, accepting, tolerable, and a million other adjectives towards everyone,” the LL team wrote on Facebook.

Noelle will keep on making her pawrents happy with every new day. And, we sincerely hope that she’ll keep on living the best life!

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