Missing Dog Reunites With Her Family After 19 Long Months

Losing a pet is one of the greatest nightmares a dog owner can have. Waiting for a phone call that might never come gives you a strong feeling of uncertainty that just cannot be described with words.

Sadly, many dog owners deal with this trauma, as some canines just get way too curious and run away from their homes in chase for an adventure of their own.

One such case comes from the Kilduff Grzegorczyk family, who faced their biggest fear when their two-year-old mini Goldendoodle, Maggie, went missing.

The family thought they would never see their Maggie girl again until one day, almost two years later, the phone rang!

Missing For Almost Two Years

golden doodle dog
Source: Facebook

For some reason, this pawdorable little girl jumped over the electric fence and stormed off her back yard one Monday evening, leaving her family in shock.

“She is wearing her electric fence collar that is black She is mostly friendly but gets a little territorial and nervous around some men. She likes to chase cars and it seem she has run through her electric fence… Our five small children are missing their pet,” Maggie’s owner, Jillian, wrote on her Facebook.

baby and dog
Source: Facebook

Maggie is more than happy in her cozy home, but it appears that she had some unfinished car-chasing business down the road, so she embarked on a risky adventure of her own!

The problem was – Maggie never returned home. For some unknown reason, she never came back and her family was worried sick!

They spent days looking for Maggie, letting every single rescue in the neighborhood know about her disappearance. The family persistently searched for her, but unfortunately, there were no signs of Maggie anywhere near.

Eventually, the family stopped searching, unwillingly making peace with the fact that their little Maggie was now gone… for good!

The Emotional Reunion After She Recognizes Her Family’s Scent

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Nineteen months later, the phone rang, leaving Jillian and the entire family in shock! The good people of Saginaw County Animal Care & Control called to let the family know that they admitted Maggie in their facility. 

This Michigan rescue scanned Maggie for her microchip and found out that she was the dog her family was inquiring about almost two years ago!

Jillian and her girls immediately rushed over to the rescue to reunite with their dog. But, as it turned out, Maggie needed some time to remember!

four girls and dog
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She was initially scared and didn’t recognize the family at first. She literally hid behind one of the volunteers’ backs until finally, she recognized the well-known scent!

Yes, it was her mommy and her hooman sisters! In a heartbeat, Maggie rushed into their laps and started giving them the warmest kisses ever!

Everyone was so happy seeing this little girl finally going back into the arms of her loving family. Their reunion was very emotional and heartwarming, leaving every single person in the room in tears.

three girls playing with dog
Source: Facebook

“Staff scanned her for a chip and found one! Watch Maggie as she greets her family after over a year of separation. Microchips work,” the SCACC team wrote in their Facebook post.

After all these months of living under unknown circumstances, Maggie finally found her way home! This time – for good! 

You can watch the video of Maggie’s reunion with her family in the video below.

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