Missing Pup Reunites With His Loving Dad In The Middle Of Adoption Photoshoot

Having their beloved dogs missing is the worst nightmare of every dog owner.

While the owners tirelessly search for their four-legged family members, and wonder where they are, they can’t get rid of the fear that something bad happened to them.

Sandy Hernandez lived through that same nightmare after his Siberian Huskies, Ragnar and Kloud, jumped over the fence and disappeared without a trace.

Looking For His Loving Dogs

a man is standing on the street
Source: CBS Miami

Overwhelmed with sadness, Hernandez started looking for them, but they were nowhere to be found. He regretted not having his dogs microchipped.

Determined to find his kids, Hernandez printed some missing-dogs flyers and posted them all over the neighborhood.

Fortunately, a man who saw his flyers contacted Hernandez and told him that his pups were found on the streets and that they were now at Miami-Dade Animal Services.

As soon as he heard the happy news, Hernandez drove to the shelter to pick up his kids. 

While he was approaching the shelter’s entrance, he saw Ragnar and Kloud. They were taking part in the photoshoot organized by the shelter and the Ocean Drive Magazine to raise awareness for pet adoption.

The Happy Reunion

a man hugs his dog on the street
Source: CBS Miami

The moment he saw their loving faces, Hernandez was overcome with emotions. He didn’t have time to properly park his car. He left it in the middle of the entrance, and rushed to hug his beloved doggos.

Ragnar and Kloud were happy to see their dad. With their tails wagging, they ran to his outstretched arms. They missed him, too.

portrait of two cute husky puppies
Source: CBS Miami

While Hernandez was hugging them, he buried his face in their soft fur and cried tears of joy. He couldn’t put his feelings into words.

“My babies! I lost them on Friday night. Yesterday I was posting flyers, I was posting fliers all over the neighborhood, and the guy found it tell me he brought them here yesterday at 1 p.m. so I came running and saw them. I can’t explain how it feels,” Hernandez told CBS Miami.

The Huskies were relieved to see their dad, and they kept smiling from ear to ear. They happily hopped into his car. They couldn’t wait to return to their home.

Hernandez took his pups to the vet and he had them microchipped. 

We’re glad that the adorable doggos found their way back to their dad who loves them deeply. Hernandez’s story serves as a reminder to have our pets microchipped in order to avoid going through a similar situation.

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