Newborn Puppy Left On A Sidewalk Saved At The Last Minute By Giant-Hearted Rescuers

Even in the most ideal conditions, the beginning of life is not easy. Orphan puppies can especially feel this deeply. 

The hero of today’s story found himself in such a situation in the first moments of his life when he was left at the mercy of the outside world on a sidewalk.

Although his future seemed dark, fate ensured it was bright, and sent him good-hearted people who completely turned things around for him.

A Rough Beginning, But He Made It

cute abandoned puppy
Source: Howl Of A Dog

A little orphan puppy named Joy was found on a sidewalk by the volunteers from Howl Of A Dog – a non-profit organization committed to animal rescue. 

When they brought the little one into their facility, he weighed barely 160 grams. That’s why they realized that day was his official first day of existence.

Although the volunteers did their best to raise this puppy, the job was not easy at all. Orphaned newborn puppies are typically exceedingly fragile, toothless, blind, deaf, and unable to control their body temperature. 

Joy did almost nothing for the first week except eat a little and mostly sleep.

At the end of the second week, the cute little dog’s personality finally came out. He showed his cheerful nature and relentless playfulness.

black and white puppy
Source: Howl Of A Dog

And soon, he fell in love with his favorite toy a white Siberian tiger, from which he will not separate in the future.

Joy Became A Big Boy

puppy with its toys
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Along with his favorite toy, Joy began to fall in love with everything else around him. He was full of positive energy, which he channeled through his relentless curiosity about everything around him.

He soon began to meet other dogs in the shelter and quickly integrated into the canine team. Because he had such a positive nature, he was immediately accepted by the bigger and older pups.

He also met his best dog friend, Theia, with whom he spent most of his days at the shelter and playing in the yard.

All the volunteers, especially those who participated in his rescue, were proud of what a big and good boy the orphan puppy had grown into.

Only one thing was missing – the happiest ending that every dog ​​dreams of.

He Deserved A Happy Ending

guy petting a puppy
Source: Howl Of A Dog

After more than 4 months that Joy had been in the shelter, that moment finally came and the shelter announced it on their official Facebook Page. 

Just two weeks before Christmas, they received the happiest news: One family fell in love with Joy and wanted to adopt him right away.

They were so eager to meet Joy that they couldn’t wait for another day. Although they lived very far from the shelter, they decided to pick him up the very next day. 

Ellen and Ricardo, as his new parents were called, followed his upbringing for a long time. They were moved by his difficult beginning, so they decided to write a happy ending for him.

His first picture in the new home was a picture of true joy.

dog biting its toy
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Of course, nothing could pass without his favorite Siberian tiger toy in the background, which traveled with him as a symbol of a happy childhood despite the difficult beginning.

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