Newcastle Breeder and Dairy Farmer, Howard Sikma, Passes Away Unexpectedly

Howard Sikma Obituary

The community of Newcastle, Ontario is reeling from the sudden and devastating loss of Howard James Sikma, a revered figure in the local agricultural scene. Sikma, who was honored with the prestigious Master Breeder award from Holstein Canada, passed away unexpectedly, leaving behind a legacy of professional achievement and personal warmth that touched countless lives.

Howard Sikma Obituary, Newcastle Breeder and Dairy Farmer, Howard Sikma Passes Away Suddenly
Howard Sikma Obituary, Newcastle Breeder and Dairy Farmer, Howard Sikma Passes Away Suddenly

His passing was announced on social media, where a heartfelt tribute encapsulated the sentiments of many who knew him: “We are in utter shock to hear about the passing of our longtime friend Howard Sikma. Over the years, Howie has given us a treasure trove of cherished memories—from farm visits that enlightened our kids, to spirited hockey games in Newcastle, ski trips that had us all laughing, and not-to-be-missed Thirsty Thursdays. We celebrated milestones too, like Howie’s 50th birthday in Mexico. Howie, you were truly one-of-a-kind, a person whose impact reached far and wide. We will deeply miss every single thing about you. Our thoughts are with the Sikma family during this incredibly difficult time.

Howard Sikma was more than just an award-winning breeder and farmer; he was a man whose generosity of spirit left an indelible impression on everyone he met. Whether it was his professional guidance to aspiring farmers or his ability to brighten any room he entered, Sikma was a beacon of positivity in the community.

As condolences and tributes continue to pour in, it’s clear that Howard Sikma’s absence will be profoundly felt, not only within his family but also among the countless individuals whose lives he enriched. He will be dearly missed, but his legacy will undoubtedly continue to flourish through the lives he touched and the community he loved.

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Who was Howard Sikma?

Born in Bowmanville, Ontario, Howard James Sikma was not just a resident of Newcastle, but a cornerstone of its community. Educated at Clarke High School before earning his degree at the University of Guelph, Howard was a man of substance, deeply committed to his family and his craft.

As a father to Connor, Brent, and Kailynn, Howard wore his heart on his sleeve. His children were not just his pride and joy, but also his ultimate achievement. The opportunity to share his love for farming with them was the zenith of his career, a fulfilling journey that transcended beyond tilling the soil and breeding cows. He relished his role as a grandfather even more, cherishing every moment spent with his grandchildren, Emery and Brooks.

In the agricultural field, Howard was nothing short of a luminary. He was awarded the coveted Master Breeder honor by Holstein Canada, reflecting his unyielding commitment and contributions to the Holstein breed. Howard wasn’t just someone who raised cows; he nurtured Grand Champions, evident when his cows took top honors at local county shows. Carrying on his legacy, his sons Brent and Connor claimed the Grand Champion title again in 2023, proof that the apple—or in this case, the cow—doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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But Howard’s impact wasn’t confined to his farm or even his family. He was a staunch Maple Leafs fan, infusing his love for sports into his circle of friends and teammates. His affection extended to the people of Newcastle, where he was an irreplaceable figure. He treasured his relationships within his broader farm family as though they were his own blood, and he showed the same compassion and camaraderie to his friends and teammates.

In essence, Howard Sikma lived his life in full measure, passionately embracing each moment for what it was—a chance to love, to laugh, and to contribute. Though he is no longer among us, the impact of his generosity, expertise, and boundless love continues to ripple through the lives of everyone who had the fortune of knowing him. He is a man whose legacy will be remembered and cherished for generations to come.

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