Owner Rescues His Missing German Shepherd Who Got Stuck 25 Feet Up A Tree

What seemed like a regular Sunday turned into a nightmare when Brian Spies realized that his beloved German Shepherd, Luna, was missing.

That morning, his ten-month-old pup was playing outside in Lotus, California, and enjoying her day like she always does.

After Spies noticed that Luna didn’t come home that day, he became worried that she was injured and in need of help. 

He called his friends and they started looking for her right away.

Searching For Luna

german shepherd in a tree
Source: KCRA 3

They drove around the area and searched for her in the nearby forest. While they were trying to find Luna, Spies kept calling her, but unfortunately, there was no answer.

He couldn’t stop thinking about his sweet Luna. Knowing that there were many predators in the vicinity of their home in Lotus, California, Spies feared the worst.

“We have bears, mountain lions, coyotes, foxes … Yeah, we’ve kind of got them all. So we didn’t know if a mountain lion snagged her,” he told KCRA 3.

Spies and his friends searched for Luna until dark, but she was nowhere to be found.

Luna’s Owner Breathes A Sigh Of Relief

german shepherd stuck in a tree and looking towards the ground
Source: KCRA 3

The next day, Luka Bogdanovich, one of Spies’ friends, was driving around in the neighborhood. While he was going past a wooded area near Spies’ home, he looked up and saw something furry sitting on a slanted tree 25 feet up in the air.

After he took a better look, he was surprised to see that the mysterious figure looking at him was actually Luna.

Bogdanovich immediately called Spies, who dashed to the spot right away to save his pup. He brought an extension ladder and climbed up.

Spies’ friends were there to help him. They were holding the ladder and a sleeping bag as a precaution.

When Luna saw them, she began wagging her tail. She felt relieved to be found. 

Luna Is Back Into Her Dad’s Arms

a man petting a German shepherd
Source: KCRA 3

Once Spies climbed up the ladder and reached Luna, he was overjoyed to wrap his arms around his pup. 

“I kind of reached up, grabbed her, and bear-hugged her and walked down the ladder with no hands, as carefully as possible,” Spies said.

Luna felt safe in her dad’s arms. 

Once they were back on the ground, the doggo was over the moon. Luna couldn’t stop smiling as she soaked up her dad’s love and cuddles. 

Spies thinks that his dog got carried away while she was chasing a squirrel up a tree. After the squirrel escaped, Luna was left stuck on the tree, not knowing how to get down.

At first, the doggo felt exhausted, but after a couple of days, she was as playful as ever. She recovered after her ordeal.

Spies was amazed with Luna’s impressive climb, and he hopes that she learned her lesson and that she would not do it again.

We’re very happy that this story had a happy ending and that Luna was reunited with her worried dad.

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