Owner Surrendered His Dog To The Shelter For Euthanization Because “He Is Stupid”

Human cruelty often knows no boundaries, especially when it comes to furry little creatures whose sole purpose is to bring joy to our life. 

How can people be so cruel? I will never know…

Yet again, my heart shatters writing a story about a certain little dog named Figgy. 

Escaping The Cruelty 

a woman holds a poodle in her arms
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At the golden age of 18 years, a Toy Poodle named Figgy was surrendered to a vet to be euthanized. 

This little black dog, who was also blind and toothless, sought love and affection in his last days, but instead, he found himself abandoned at an unknown place, scared, and lonely. 

When the staff at the vet clinic asked the owner what was the reason behind euthanization, the owner simply answered, “He’s stupid.”

Everyone at the clinic was shocked that someone could be so coldhearted.  

information printed about the poodle
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The staff took one look at the small puppy and knew immediately they were not going to euthanize him. 

They did some tests and found out that Figgy was blind, arthritic, and toothless, but relatively healthy for an 18-year-old dog. 

Even though he was an old dog, there was no need to put him down. 

A Second Chance At Happiness

cute poodle wrapped in a blanket
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The vet clinic thankfully contacted Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, in San Francisco, California, and they quickly agreed to take this scared and confused dog into their care. 

Since Figgy had some health issues and had been through so much, Sherri Franklin, the founder of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, took Figgy to her home. 

“He was a total love bug and slept with me curled up in my armpit. I just loved him,” Franklin told The Dodo.

Luckily, it didn’t take too long to find the perfect home for Figgy. 

Just four days after arriving at the rescue and posting about Figgy, he found a new furever home. 

two smiling women are holding a poodle in their arms
Source: Facebook

An experienced hospice owner, Eileen, reached out to the shelter as soon as she heard about little Figgy. 

She thought he was perfect, unlike his previous owners.

“He’ll be our fifth hospice angel,” Eileen told The Dodo. 

Figgy was finally home, safe, warm, and very loved. His last days will be filled with love and affection, at the very least.

“I just couldn’t help but think that these precious angels had given their love and loyalty to someone their entire lives, and certainly didn’t deserve to die alone in a shelter. They deserved love, comfort, and security for whatever time they happened to have left, and I knew that I could provide that,” Eileen said.  

We are so happy that this sweet, elderly gentleman has found his special person who will love and care for him until the end. 

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