Owner Thought He Heard Cries Coming From His Roof Then He Realized What It Was

It was just another ordinary day for homeowners in Plantation, Florida. They were doing their house choirs, humming aloud, not expecting anything extraordinary to happen. 

However, at one point, the sounds of the songs coming from their lips were not the only ones that echoed through the house. 

Confused, they started following these strange noises, and soon realized they were coming from their attic. 

They immediately started to investigate, and soon found the source of the disturbance — four baby heads peeking through a small crack in the roof. 

Baby Animals Were In Safe Hands

animals in the hole
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Those mysterious creatures were baby raccoons, and they somehow lost touch with their mother and ended up in their attic. 

Although they were uninvited guests in the house, the homeowners were so touched by the scene of crying raccoon kits that they immediately called for help. 

As soon as the South Florida Wildlife Center got the call, they dispatched a rescuer to the scene. 

“We knew we were their only hope for survival,” Carolina Montano, SFWC director of outreach, told The Dodo.

An experienced rescuer quickly showed up at the house and immediately went to work. He used a ladder to climb up to the roof. When he got up there, he put each raccoon kit into a net, moved them back to the ground, and placed them into the safety of an animal carrier.

It was a very fast rescue mission. Montano said it had to be like that because they needed to reduce any potential stress by keeping everything calm and working quickly and efficiently. 

baby raccoons
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Such a method was more than successful. The baby raccoons were already on their way to the wildlife center, where rehabilitation awaited them, which would help them on their way back to the wild.

They Were Soon Where They Belong

cute baby raccoon
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When they came to the wildlife center, these orphaned raccoons were fully examined by the clinic staff, and the vets determined that they were all clinically healthy.

The kits were given everything they needed to grow and thrive while the center’s nursery was taking care of them. 

After two months in the nursery, the South Florida Wildlife Center posted some great news on their official Facebook page. 

“They have finally graduated to the last stage in their rehabilitation journey,” they wrote. “Our outdoor raccoon habitat allows them to become more wild and independent. Through different types of enrichment, they are able to further develop their foraging and climbing skills which are vital for their success in the wild.”

This was not the end of their growth and development at the wildlife center, but it was certainly the best indicator that they were on the right track and that they would surely reach their goal.

“They continued to develop properly and stayed healthy for the entire six months that they were in our care,” Montano said in an interview for The Dodo. 

That time was fairly enough for the little ones to prepare to meet their home among the grass and trees. 

raccoon outdoor
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After a long and turbulent journey, the four little raccoons were finally where they belonged and where they would surely find their biggest happiness — in the wild.

Nevertheless, the place where their lives were truly born, as well as the good souls who supported them on their way, will remain in their hearts forever. 

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