Owner Who Abandoned His Dog In The Arizona Park Left Behind A Devastating Note

There are many instances where owners unjustifiably abandon their dogs in the middle of nowhere with no way for anyone to help them.

And, there are other cases where kind people are put in a rough situation, try their best to give their dog a chance, but nothing works, so they leave them with little hope.

In this story, we will talk about an owner from Arizona who abandoned his dog in a park and left a sad note for other people to find.

A Smart Boy, Baloo

black dog in the park
Source: r/rarepuppers

When Baloo was abandoned by his owner, he was a 1-year-old good boy who had just started learning so many interesting things about life.

Fortunately for him, a woman, Lillian Engelhard, noticed him in the park in Arizona and decided to do something about it.

She wasn’t sure if he was with someone else, but she needed to do something. 

She told The Dodo: I was out taking one of my dogs for a walk, and we passed a community dog run with a dog in it but no owners in sight.

I thought maybe they ran out of doggie bags and quickly ran to their car to get more, or maybe his owners really did have an emergency of some sort.

a black and white dog sits on its hind legs
Source: r/rarepuppers

Engelhard sat in her car and waited to see if anyone would come back for the dog; however, nobody did.

She had a suspicion that he had been there for a long time because he seemed thirsty, hungry, and was just pacing all over the place.

Baloo Loves Learning New Things

the message the owner left when he abandoned the dog
Source: Lillian Engelhard via The Dodo

It was up to her now to help him. She got close to him and he was just really excited to see a new face.

His mood lightened up and he approached her. This was the moment when Engelhard noticed there was a strange note on him.

The note said: It read, “This dog is not trained!!! *I had to leave him. Please save him (Venom).

It was clear to her based on his attitude that he was a loved dog who just enjoyed being around people.

the dog gives a paw to the owner
Source: r/rarepuppers

However, due to his very energetic nature, Engelhard had to train him so he would become more focused.

She was very proud of the progress he had made in just a few days. He loved learning so many new things. He knows how to sit, lie down, stay, and he was also potty trained.

After spending some time in foster care with Engelhard, she signed him up for adoption through Lost Our Home Pet Rescue.

While we don’t know if he was adopted or not, I am sure he is in good care regardless and is enjoying his time learning new things every day.

Had to share this sweet abandoned rare pupper that I found. I made a reel to help the shelter find a home for him
byu/doggddit inrarepuppers

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